Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Latest Inspirations - Makoto Shinkai

Well... it's been two days since I saw three animations all made by Makoto Shinkai. He is the creator of the following movies/short animations.

1. She and her Cat

2. Voices from a Distant Star

3. The Place Promised in Our Early Days / Beyond the Clouds

4. 5 Centimeters per Second

I had already seen 5 Centimeters per Second, but it was only two days ago that I laid my hands on the remaining 3 movies/short animations.

First I saw The Place Promised in our Early Days. I was like "WOW" after watching the detailed artwork and the completely new concept for a Sci-Fi. The violin Music that the girl played hit my head everytime... it was just beautiful. Overall, the movie touched me.

6 Hours later, I saw She and her Cat. It was wonderful, but weird. There was a theme, but no story, no explanations, and no ending. All this story wanted to show you was how a cat spent his life with her master. The fact that he made each and every frame of the animation himself was enough to impress me... I just saw this 5 minute animation and the last line drowned me in thoughts... but my thoughts (rather deep) are not something I can write down in words... >_< Voices from a Distant Star. I'll be frank. I still haven't recovered yet. I've lost sleep for 2 days now, and have temporarily lost my cold blooded thinking ability...Reasons

1) This guy made this total 25 minutes of animation himself. The only help he took was of his fiance for the girl's voice and his friend Tenmon for the music (which has hit my heart this time... not just my head... and I'll soon put a new post on it...). The rest of it... he made it himself... He did something that was beyond my imagination, until now...

2) The visualization and ambiance of this story is simply superb. I still find it hard to believe that one guy made it himself on his computer... o_O

3) Even though the story is shallow, i.e. doesn't cover details and stuff... yet I could feel the characters, especially the Girl. I could feel her loneliness and her longing to be on Earth with Noboru (The Boy).

4) He made a 24 minute animation with two complete human characters... and all dialogs were carried by them alone (Leave the Female voice in the Space Ship).

5) Incomplete Ending or Open Ending. This forces my mind to trace possible endings. Being a natural pessimist makes me think of the bad ending first. Only a lot later I could calm my mind by thinking the happier ending.

6) Waaaaah!!!!! I don't Know... why... why this movie made me sentimental. WHY!!!!!?????

The last time any movie made me that level of sentimental was Benji the Hunted. I accept that I cried in one part of this movie... but otherwise... no movie has made me cry.

Well... Voices from a... didn't make me cry... but it did make me feel terribly sad and even more terribly lonely... The ending song - Through the years and far away, amplified my sadness... However, getting back to my topic of this blog...

Makoto Shinkai is an inspiration because he made his stories come to animation on his own power (mostly) . He wonderfully tells a story that is so damn simple and straightforward, yet is so complex that you'll sit and think about it. His works cover human emotions with such accuracy and tenderness that you can't help but feel the character come alive in reality.
Yes, for me he is an inspiration because he has shown me that any story or creation can also have details on human emotion, and that can be show via art and animation.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poetic Ability?

I've been a regular visitor of ☆Ths[Schrei]☆ 's blog for sometime now...
(Well, that's how she writes her name... so don't think I didn't know the spelling and copied it... :P )

And considering my age and the fact that I was a English Honor Student in my School (Scoring 95/100 in 10th ... Ya... I like boasting :P ) I have no ability to express myself in any form of poetry. Reading ☆Ths[Schrei]☆ 's blog, someone like me has a high probability of jumping off the 10th floor of my building. But let's not be losers, and learn from others (as the wise guys say...) I totally lacked talent for poetry. However, in recent times when I got more and more involved in music, I started feeling that my music (the ones I made) lacked more emotion. Emotion is what makes music Powerful. Then I noticed songs which weren't very powerful instrumentally, but had profound effect due to it's lyrics or wordings. One example is Eminems's "When I'm Gone". The lyrics of this song is so freaking powerful that it makes the song emotionally moving when you listen to it.

Then I felt that for a music newbie like me, lyrics could be a easy way out to express myself and add more "Feeling" to my music.

However, 3 years have passed, and I think I'm still no good at poetry. Thus here was my latest attempt to pen down some "Song" that came to my mind. Laugh at me all you want, but I still don't know what I've written about. -__- Maybe my will to live in a dream and escape reality, but that's all I could understand when I finished it. For now, this song/poem/lyric has no title.

When the world wakes up,
I sleep a little longer.
To Dream unfazed about a world,
And my feelings become stronger.

What I couldn't feel in this reality,
I can feel in the Dream.
What I do feel in this World,
I never would want to face in my sweet Dreams.

Love and Hate,
Are mere words
What goes on within
Is a war of the worlds.

Anger and Fear,
Is what reality shows.
Longing and trust,
Is what my dreams hold.

Past and Future,
Uncertain and Cold.
Sorrow and Tears,
Grows and flows Uncontrolled.

And yes, it took me more than a week to make it rhyme decently. Of Course, it took me longer to realize that poems need not rhyme, but follow a song like pattern that people can hum...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A venous Incident I

Here, in today's post I write a fantastic venomous discussions that go between the members of a certain group, comprising of me, SRV, AK and a few guest appearances...

SRV: (Shows his Index Finger) Assume this is your throat. (Bends the index finger to a shape like a hook) Can you tell me then what this is?
AK: It looks like a hook...
SRV: No you Idiot... It's a neck that is down...

*The rest of the audience is now planning on ways to assassinate SRV*

AK: Well, OK. You had me. (Shows both his Index and middle finger) Assume this is your shoulders. (Removes his middle finger and only shows Index finger) Can you tell me what may this be?
SRV: It's one shoulder??
AK: You Idiot... only a second ago you said it's a throat...

*The audience hails AK as a sacrificial savior*


I'm a lot different from these guys as far as being venous is being concerned.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Song / Blocked Youtube :(

Youtube is blocked here... So, I'm unable to Upload a youtube version of this new song (as mentioned in the Previous Post)

Now, Bass T has a official name that I can use to post it around here and there... :)
Bass T is now called Frizzante.

This title was given by Mr. V who appears in this blog by me -> Dialogs : Part I

He heard the song, Agreed with Mr. DG's Description and then about an hour later gave it this name. I couldn't think of anything and then, I didn't have options either, so I kept it.

So Frizzante it is. (BTW, Firefox and Opera tell me it's Frizz ante... The dictionary said it's Frizzante... but then, not that I really care... :P )

Then I made it into a video (with a still image only) only to realize later that I can't access youtube from here. It's blocked. So, I upload it to my mp3 player on my blog and put it on Top. However, I'll upload the video the moment I get the opportunity to do so. A youtube version stays in front of you... and would have added relevance to this post. :)


BTW, I found a random (seemingly scanned) image from Google images. It wasn't a high quality image, but after a few filter effects and a high end Anti-Aliasing routine applied on that, and resizing to my desktop screen dimensions, I made this wallpaper (widescreen) as shown below. This wallpaper has already added 4 new Saber fans in my hostel the day I put it on display :D

Ah! Saber you're so Beautiful *sigh*
(Click to see [and then download] the full image if you want too)

From Wallpapers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thinking up a name...

It's not easy thinking up a name. I pity my Parents (and even my Elder Brother) who had sleepless nights trying to thinks of a Unique Name, that wouldn't be common and if possible, non-existent that time, so that I could be called by that name.

I can feel pity for my parents cause I want to post a new song I made a few weeks ago and now feel kinda satisfied with for now, but when I had to render a .wav file, I was prompted for a filename. There I was clean bowled. For temporary usages, I name my projects anything, and this one was name BASS_T.

"Bass T???"

I can hear you ask. Why such a mundane and meaningless filename? Well. I don't know. I just named it when I thought that the first 10 seconds sounded good. But when the whole 2 and half minutes of the song was over, I didn't think much about naming it formally. Bass T is just a nickname I call this project by. It needed a formal name so that it could be presented to the world.

I called Mr. DG. The infamous Venomous (yet highly creative guy) who appears in my blog here -> Ciggerette smoking can cause Tsunamis?

He heard the song and said - "Despite the groovy beats, the song still relaxes me. It sounds adventurous."

Relaxing and Adventurous. He did it again. A wonderful and convincing, yet contradictory description about this song. Until he formally names my project, I'm not posting it here. So, this post is about naming creations :)

Does anyone feel cheated O_o ???

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Writing songs again???

A friend of mine recently came up to me and handed me a printout.
"Remember this?", he asked.
"No.", I replied.
"What? You don't remember?? I wrote down the first paragraph and then you said, 'Make it into a lyrics' and wrote other three paragraphs?", he said.
"Hmm... not quiet. Did I write some of it?", I asked back.
"Well, you did."
"So, what about it?", I inquired.
"I was thinking that we make some music out of it."
"Why Now, didn't we write it like... last year. And plus, this thing doesn't even sound standard enough. Even our stupid Analog Systems Prof. can write better (he has very very bad english)"
"Well, I've shown the lyrics to a cousin of mine and she couldn't believe that we wrote it."
"She was expecting something better out of our standard of English"
"No... you idiot!! Do you always have to be so pessimistic??"
"Old Habits die hard no?"
"Well, she likes it very much and she suggested that we work on it."
"But it's just one person."
"No, my one more friend said that it was good."
I thought over for some time, then said, "OK. I'll take this printout and think over it."
"Sure and thanks. I'm counting on you. I'll let you know if I hit on some tune."

I come back to my hostel. Make two people read it and I get the same reply from both. "Man this this is too ultimate." Just one guy said that the last para, though good, was confusing him, cause it felt like we shifted from one depressed guy to three... I say, the more the merrier :P

I'm now working to make some tune/instrumentation for it... until then just have the four para lyrics that gave me (and my friend) so many praises. I want some feedback if the reader is kind enough (Please ^^ )

Why can't he get out of this Heaven's shell?
When he wants to get the taste of Hell.
But he doesn't want to get into a duel,
Weak he is, and under God's Spell.

He doesn't see Happiness
He doesn't fell Pain.
He doesn't know the Calmness,
But feels his soul go in vain.

He doesn't feel the Bliss of Gold,
He feels his eyes going sore.
He doesn't feel the kiss of his Departing soul
He can't take it anymore.

Let him go. He needs what he's wanting.
Let him free. He craves for his own haunting.
Let him out, just once.
And he will be feel the birth of a New World.

I still think this is too immature to be worked upon. It's my opinion only... I'm still working on it... it's not easy T__T

Tagged... -___-

Firstly, It's about a month since I came here to post... and this is what I'm posting first.

It seems I got tagged on "The Melancholy of Life", the blog by Schrei...
So I respond :)

In tagged, we copy a list of question that have to be answerd by the following rules
RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes , delete mine and type in your answers and tag your friends to answer this.

Ever told a lie? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty
Held a snake? Guilty
Been suspended from school? Innocent
Stolen from a store? Guilty
Done something you regret? Innocent
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Innocent
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent
Kissed in the rain? Innocent
Sat on a roof top? Guilty
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty
Been too honest? Guilty
Ruined a surprise? Guilty
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Guilty
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Innocent
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Innocent

In the end, it wasn't bad... I was apprehensive cause I thought it would have questions that i didn't want to answer :P

For now, I have no one to tag...
I'll make a list later :)

And, yes, for those who didn't notice, I've hidden the answers. Just select the area to the right of the question to reveal it :P

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Music Streaming :) (Bonus... ringtone materials)

It's just Chance o.o

Pure and simple chance :)

I finally found a mp3 hosting site... or rather a file sharing site where mp3 can be hosted as well and you can download my hosted music too :)

I've added it in my blog below the comments pane... though it was a total pain to edit all the CSS scripts of my blog to fit the bulky looking player...

Though for new creations, I'd still upload on youtube... but this looks easier and cleaner.
And in this player, there are two tracks - Infinity by Guru Josh Projects and Kishi ou no Hokori from Fate/Stay Night, whose snippets I've cut, down mixed to low quality for use as mobile phone ring tones... (yes I'm using them for now :P )

That's all I have to say today...

P.S. ::> Yes, to many professional bloggers out there... I do sound like an idiot who should die in a drop of water (or something like that) for not knowing this till date... but hey, at least I know now... O_o

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Ultimate Bad day... or was it Good?

For the past 2 weeks... I'm having computer blues. Nothing was working and even if it was, it just froze and hung in 15 mins.


My Configuration is nothing too special. The Computer was purchased in October last year.

1> Processor - AMD Phenom 9550 X4 ~2.2 GHz x 4
2> Mother Board - Asus M2N MX SE Plus ~Nvidia nForce chipset, AM2 Socket
3> Graphics - Onboard Nvidia 6120 SE ~400 MHz, 1.4 GB shared.
- Points of View Gforce 9400 GT ~850 MHz, 1 GB GDDR-2 Overclocked :P
4> RAM - Kingston 2x2 GB DDR-2 ~800 MHz
5> i Ball Cabinet + 400 W SMPS
6> Acer 19 Inch Monitor LCD
7> Logitech Keyboard and Mouse.
9> 500 GB Seagate Baracuda HDD
10> Samsung 22x DVD RW.

Windows Vista rating - 4.8 (This is the lowest score that my graphics card got)

The Bad Days commence

Six Months after the purchase, I've already played games like Crysis, Call of Duty 4 and 5, Need for Speed Underground and Most Wanted at low resolution and Ultra High Detail settings... and no glitches or freeze up or jitterbugging at all... All the games ran smoothly. Not to mention my Music and graphics production went very very smoothly. It was to a large extent a very very good system despite the cheap Graphics Card.

However, one day, the monitor stayed blank. My computer worked, but there was no display. I connect to the onboard graphics and it works. To my horror, both Windows Vista and Linux don't show my 9400 GT graphics card...

1st Trip to Service Center ::> The Engineer Diagnosed my whole system and Declared the Graphics card was loosely set and put a few screws on the card to tighten it up and prevent it form shaking.

Next I had to buy a Wireless Card -> Netgear WG311v3. I didn't know it back when I purchased it... but when I installed it on my system myself, I came to know that this was the worst piece of Electronic Hardware ever engineered by any firm.... The Card won't run on Windows... After a lot of effort I make it work in Linux flawlessly, but it would run only 2 out of 10 times in windows vista.

About 2 months ago, I started having the same problem as I initally had. My 9400 GT wasn't detected by Windows or Linux, and worked only 2 out of 40 times. Only the onboard graphics worked... Plus, my Wifi card stopped working altogether. I decided to go to the service center.

2nd Trip to Service Center ::> The same engineer is now Flabbergasted by the problem. After about 3 hours of brain storming and testing, he declares that the Graphics Card is the root of all problems. He sends me to the MSI Point of View Service Center to have the card serviced. An hour later, he sets up the system with on board graphics and demonstrates that my wifi card is working perfectly. The wifi screwed up cause the Graphics card was not working... I'm happy and come back home.

Windows Vista Rating -> 3.1 (lowest score by the onboard graphics card)

6 Hours later, my computer won't start at one go. I press the power button, the computer turns on and 6 seconds later, it turns off. I have to press the power button a second time to start it up. When I restart the computer, it shuts down. Another 1 hour later, while I was working out a solution to the newly developed problem, I suddenly noticed that my Windows Vista rating was now 1.2...


I immediately noticed that it was showing my processor speed at 1.1 GHz. I checked the Mother Board's BIOS... it too showed the processor speed at 1.1 GHz. I yet again decide to go to the service center.

Ultimate Bad Day Begins

I leave the hostel early in the Morning. By 9:30, I was in the bus headed for the Service Center.

3rd Trip to the Service Center ::> The Engineer is now irritated by me. He immediately checks the Cabinet's SMPS. Declares it faulty and asks me to get it changed from the company. It takes me about 2 hours to find the i Ball office and have the SMPS replaced. I come back with a new piece that was given to me under warranty. He sets it up... the problem is not solved.

About half and hour later, he declared the Mother Board Faulty. I somehow managed to find ASUS's Center and after about 40 mins of standing in Queue have the motherboard replaced with a new one... I come back to Service Center, the problem is still not solved.

Now in 10 mins he declared the RAM sticks to be faulty. I got them changed... As it turns out Kingston is a good company. There was no mad crowd at their center and changed my RAM immediately with no paper work (Unlike ASUS or Nvidia). I come back with new RAM modules and the problem is still not solved. This time I'm Breathless... not from all the "Running around Service Center" game... but because I was afraid that so many faulty parts and testing would have destroyed my Processor.... it was the most expensive component (about Rs. 9000)... and it wasn't under warranty.

About half an hour later, the Engineer declared the Mother Board Faulty...

"Who thought about the concept of God???" I thought to myself... and abused the Philosopher who did.

The Engineer comes with me this time to the ASUS Center, and some 38 abuses later (Yes... I counted them... I really had nothing better to do) gets a fresh, out of the Box Motherboard. We come back to the Service Center and finally reassemble the system (yet again). This time it works!!!

The Engineer heaves a sigh of relief. He said, "Mister, Either you're too damn lucky or this processor is really something... It was the only thing apart from your wifi card that survived such a rough treatment."

"AMD Rocks...", a friend of mine once said. Today, I had to agree with him. Intel is good... but AMD has it's own plus points... and I guess durability comes into it now.

I come back to the hostel at about 7'o clock.

Another Bad Day Brewing up

I once again have my wifi card giving me problems... won't work on Linux and occasionaly runs on Windows 7 (yes, I removed Vista... it got corrupted) What's gonna happen next????
Well... before anything happens, I've decided that I'll buy a new wifi card the day I save up enough money for it... I've decided on Realtek RT 8180 this time as it works in all known operating systems without a hassel...

And my 9400 GT is still with the Nvidia Center... God knows when will I get it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The World God Only Knows

"The World God Only Knows" is an ongoing manga series. I won't do much hard work... here is a copy and paste from Mangaupdates

Katsuragi Keima is known on the net as the god of getting the girls while in real life he’s known as otamegane and he hates all real girls. However he is approached by Elsee, a devil from hell, to help her in catching runaway spirits that hide in people. Apparently the spirits only hide in the hearts of girls and the only way to get the souls out is by making the girl fall in love so the spirit gets forced out. And he’s not allowed to fail or he will lose his head.

Now, my version of this story.

Katsuagi Keima is a regular high school goer. He is a hardcore dating sim gamer, and can be (always) found playing games even during the classes. In the gaming world, he is known as the Capturing God, because he has been able to capture every video game girl ever made. He likes all beautiful girls... but here is the catch. He only likes beautiful girls found in games (referred as 2D girls) and totally hates real life girls (referred as 3D girls). The real life girls hate him just as much, and he is popular in school by the name Otamegane (Otaku+Megane, Otaku = geek, Megane = Glasses). And this is when a Demon named Elsia comes to him and tells him to make real life girls fall in love with him, and fill the gaps in their hearts, which will then enable Elsea to capture the evil spirits, that is known only to hide in hearts of young girls.

I rate this as one of the most refreshingly new concepts for a story I've ever come across. Not only that, the way Keima makes the girls fall for him fun too... (At least I enjoy it to the maximum)

And his punchlines...
1> "I can already see the ending" -> Pre climax
2> "Let me tell you something good..." -> Notions and rules are about to be stated by the capturing god... :P

Snapshots ::>

Serious Addiction to games...

The God of the Gaming world

The "Let me tell you something good." moment :P

And yes, the girl in the snapshots is the demon who is in contract with Keima...

I recommend everyone and anyone to read this... this is entertainment guaranteed. Find at mangfox.com or onemanga.com or mangahut.com :)


After a lot of consideration.... I'll buy this when it's licensed in English :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Milking Music... with Milkytracker

Today, this post is going to be about two things basically. Tools of Creativity and one of my Creations. Do go through the creation that's in the end. I couldn't help but pump in some detail about the Tool of Creativity, that may bore some people... ^^;;

Once upon a time, when computer's weren't very powerful, there were only three or four music formats. The popular ones were MIDI, WAV and Music Modules. While MIDI was the most popular because of small size, it wasn't really what we call "Digital Music". It was just a pattern of notes, played by the computer. Meaning that it was a format that could only play Unrealistic Sounding Instrumental Music. WAV was a format which took too much memory for even a 2 minute song. The final format was Music Module.

Music Module used a small sound recording of an instrument (called a sample) and automatically generated the other notes on the reference sample. It could also generate it's own instrument using inbuilt 1 Channel or 2 Channel Oscillators ( or Sound Generator). It gave the ability to make realistic sounding music without taking humungous amounts of memory. Because it could take in recordings, vocals could be added too. Remember, this was "Great" during the time period of 1988-1994, where 32 MB Ram was considered Luxury, and normal desktops had a Hard Drive capacity of 512 MB to 1 GB, which was "too much" for the common user. The most popular Music Module Softwares were from Amiga (MOD), Fast tracker (XM/IT) and Scream Tracker (SM/S2M/S3M).

All this going over your head?? Not Surprising...

To sum up... Music Modules by todays standards, is a very outdated technique for making music. But it still exists. There are people who still use it. And the first ones I came across was Milkytracker. It is a Fast tracker clone. and this is what it looks like... (All images ripped from Google Images and are not my own screenshots... simply call me lazy :P )

This next image shows what all is in Milky that lets us make music.

The final Pic shows us how music is arranged in Milky. All the notes and which instrument must play it are recorded along each column. The colored bar goes down as the music progresses. There can be many pages of these columns.

At first, very much like everyone else, I was thrown of by the seemingly complex looking interface, that had endless amount of options in it. But soon, I got a knack of the concept. How to put in samples, edit them and arrange notes in the column. Very soon, I ripped of some samples from other MOD/S3M files and some from the FL Studio 6 package ( ^^;; ) and made one Saw instrument in it. Then applying them on the keyboard, I made many tunes, and god knows if they even sounded like music or not...

Today, while browsing through my old computer, I found this one Milky file that was a Surviver of, I don't know how many Hard Disk crashes and consequent formats. Nonetheless it survived and amazingly, the title this file had was "Victory". It suited the occasion that time.

This song gave me an image of a torn and tired warrior walking on a battle field towards his team mates, dragging his sword soaked in blood along with him. His team mates are waiting eagerly to celebrate as dawn approaches the horizons...

Does this song give you a similar image?? Try to make a video in your mind that would suit this song... and do tell me what image you had when you first heard this song. Be sure to tell me... if you may -_-

Friday, June 19, 2009

In Love with Fate/Stay Night... and it's Songs

Saber - From a Scene in Fate/Stay Night

Cover of the Fate/Stay Night A.OST

In recent days, nothing has caught my imagination more than this Anime Series. Originally a RPG Game (also categorized in the H-Game Sections... O_o ), Fate/Stay Night is all about 7 Masters, who control a Servant each and their Battle to win the Holy Grail, which will grant the winner all their wishes and desires. The Story centers about Shiro Emiya, who Unwantingly and unknowingly becomes the Master of Saber, and how their relationship develops as the story progresses.

I was attracted to this Series by Saber... I'll Dedicate a full post to her later. But what really pulled me the most into watching the Anime was the Awesome, Inspiring and Heart Touching Background Music this Anime Series carried with it. The music charged the atmosphere of Action and Fight scenes, added a strain to the soul in Emotional scenes, and put a knot in your stomach in the more Romantic Scenes (which is rather difficult to observe in this... o.o )

Thus, this post is all about the songs that came with the Anime. Or to be exact, the ones that really threw me off my feet. I'll go in the same sequence as the OST listing...

03. Unmei no Yoru

I'm yet to come across someone who hasn't praised this song after hearing it. This is on Ultimate instrumental, where the fast Beats, combined with the Opera Vocals really charge up the atmosphere and the people listing to this song. Listen to it, and I'm sure you'll praise it too... :)

06. Kodoku na Junrei

The Music made me feel like I was actually looking a the most Beautiful Girl I've ever seen, amidst the soft breeze, a bright sunlight and Lush Green Garden laced with Beautiful Flowers; and I'm slowly falling in love with her. Yes, this music has a very serene, peaceful and slight romantic feel to it. This song can only make you think of Beautiful things. For me, it's some Girl sleeping in my Dreams (Not someone in real life... so Mom and Dad... Don't get worked up about this OK?? -__- )

16. Uketsugareshi Kokuin

This song, Unlike the previous one, has a more sad touch to it. Nonetheless, this song invokes Deep thought of all that is going on around you and is hurting you to some extent. However, there is some hope... a very slight touch of hope, that can save you. At least that's what I felt...

23. Emiya -Kawaii Kenji Ver.

This song has amazing Beats, that start off suddenly after a vocal chorus. It was made to suit the Archer/Emiya fight sequences. And this song fits perfectly into it. I somehow always fail to see any other image/emotion while listening to this song. Another instrumental that pumps me up... :)

27. Kishi ou no Hokori

People may think this to be Violin version of the Song, "06 - Kodoku na Junrei". But if you ask me, this is a song that concludes "06 - Kodoku na Junrei". Meaning this... I saw the most Beautiful Girl in the World, fell in love with her and am now she is sleeping on my lap, amidst the soft breeze, a bright sunlight and Lush Green Garden laced with Beautiful Flowers.

31. Keiyaku

This song is a softer version of "03 - Unmei no Yoru". This is cool and gives a feeling that something big/troublesome is about to start.

37. Tenchi hou Take

This is one song that pumps my blood upto my head the instant it Begins. This song potrays an ongoing struggle/battle/tragedy. Right upto the end, the "On the Edge" feeling remains. And in the end, things end suddenly, in a way that is not expected or wanted.

39. Gunyuu Shissou

(Ignore the Electric Guitar in the Beginning. The song starts when the OST cover appears)
A faster violin only version of "03 - Unmei no Yoru". This song unlike "Unmei no Yoru" which has this "On the Edge" feel as well, this has a feel that "I'm gonna win, and nothing can Defeat me". The tempo is faster.


To Conclude this post, All I can say is that these are the few songs that have inspired me to no limits... Especially "06 - Kodoku na Junrei" and "27 - Kishi Ou no Hokori". I've fallen in Love with these two (In real life this time), so much so that I've been practicing these two on the Keyboard for about a week now... I still have a long way to go to be able to play perfectly, but once I'm done perfecting it on my Keyboard, I'll try to record and post a video of me playing it. :)
Hope that day comes soon. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

About a documentary...

One of my friends tried making a documentary. He planned to make a documentary that would depict the fact that there is a time wrap in a country named India. He wanted to show that there are both old, ancient, simple and slow lifestyle in this country and Also, a new, changing, fast, urban and complicated lifestyle. In layman terms, the life in a village, and a life in new modern cities and industries.

So, he made plans, arranged a video camera and went to his grandpa's place which is a supposed to be a backward village. A couple of villages away is an industrial city with all the modern amenities, and some big industries, one of which belonged to one of his relatives or so. He planned his trips by going to the village first and then the city.

It was while he was making his plans that I offered him that, I could make some background music for him and edit his videos, so that it would be a 100% original Documentary, with no parts copied from anywhere, in it.

We had a huge plan, great expectations and high hopes. But the Idea never materialized completely. He did get the camera, but it didn't work when he had the time. And when it was fixed, he came to knew, he couldn't go to the city cause he had to attend some more important family functions. However, I did make one song/background music for this guy's documentary.

This song I imagined would play in the background of the documentary, when he's traveling from one place to another, walking or sitting on a train/bus/car/whatever. I imagined various people moving around, scenery that keep changing every half kilometers, the subtle sunset scene of the lake by the village in a bright moonlight.

However, by the time I could complete this... I got a call from him saying he wouldn't be able to make it. I lost interest in completing this song. But whatever was done, stayed and sounds pretty decent even incomplete... :)

Below is the song that was made by me... Song made for a something that died even before it could be attempted. But I do hope one day, that friend of mine is able to complete that Documentary. I still like his concept. ^^

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dialouges : Part I

This is another interesting thing...
Dialogs in a Movie... A good Movie.

I rarely come across dialogs that impress me and catch my attention the moment they are spoken out. I rarely come across dialogs that have enough power to render the audience speechless (or at least render "me" speechless). Good or Great Dialogs require a great deal of Imaginative thinking... so much that the average brain might short circuit and explode to become a useless piece of data churning Machine (later simply put by Mr. V as "PULP". I ought to envy him -_- ). I hence have great respect for these dialogs and the people who write them down. My brain has become PULP in many occasions

I have a friend, Mr V, who is a huge movie buff (watches one movie a day... without fail... in any form, genre or language...) has this Diary, where he writes down the best Dialogs he can find in a Movie. I've posted some here, and will post more later. For now, this ought to be enough to convice people to pay attention to the dialogs while watching a Movie, and not their Girlfriends (or simply Girls if they don't have one... ).

From Lucky You:
'You want sympathy? You'll find it somewhere in the dictionary between shit and syphilis'

In Troy, When a kid goes to wake up and bring Achilles (Brad Pitt) to the war to fight a huge man....the kid says "He is the biggest man i have ever seen.I wouldn't want to fight that man"
And Achilles replies "That's why no one will remember your name."

From v for Vendetta:
V: [Evey pulls out her mace] I can assure you I mean you no harm.
Evey Hammond: Who are you?
V: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask.
Evey Hammond: Well I can see that.
V: Of course you can. I'm not questioning your powers of observation I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is....... Whats the difference?"

From Scarface:
"I speak truth even when i lie."

From The Pursuit of Happiness:
Will Smith comes to the interview with bad cloths on
Interviewer : What would you say if man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him? What would you say?
Will Smith : He must have had on some really nice pants.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A few moments of Nostalgia

Everyday, I live for a few moments alone, in total nostalgia. Of friends I had but are now living far far away... or of things I liked but don't exist in my life now.

Everyday, these few moments of nostalgia give me a mixture of Happiness, Sadness, Loneliness and Hope.

As an aspiring Artist... I thought maybe I'll put it in some form of Music...

Here is something short and seemingly incomplete tune I made... this was the best I could do, but I feel I've done well... It only remains to be see if the same is felt by others...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Absurd Notions... Innocent Notions

Scene: A classroom of 1st Grade. Anuj, Kapil, Amit and Swati are sitting on their seats. It's lunch time and they are finishing their lunch like good 6 year olds.

Anuj :: Kapil?
Kapil :: What?
Anuj :: Have you ever wondered why Mom and Dad sleep together on one bed? How come I have a different room and not sleep with them on the same bed?
Kapil :: How do I know? They sleep like that maybe cause they want to...
Anuj :: So basically, they don't have a reason.

Swati who was munching away a sandwich uptill now intervenes.

Swati :: You know, your Mom and Dad are just sharing the bed cause they have only two. They give you one whole bed to sleep on cause they love you and want to give you their all...

Amit, who was also munching away a sandwich (and probably forever...) also intervenes

Amit :: And I thought that Mom slept with Dad cause she once told me she was afraid of Ghosts.
Swati, Anuj, Kapil :: Eh?!?!
Amit :: Ya, I mean, come on, if you are afraid of ghosts, you'd never want to be alone right? You won't be scared if you're with someone. So, Mom stays with Dad whole night long.
Anuj :: Yes, that makes sense. I think you may be right.
Kapil :: Yes, I agree too.
Swati :: I don't...
Kapil :: But you have to... don't you sometimes hear your Mom scream out at night??
Swati :: Eh?? No. That's what I'm trying to say, both Mom and Dad aren't afraid of Ghosts. Neither am I.
Kapil :: Ah! But I'm positive. I sometimes hear my mom scream out at night... so I'm positive she is afraid of Ghosts and Dad takes care of her when Ghosts come to scare her.

A boy screams out to the group. The group quickly packs the luchbox, and goes out to play not worrying about why their Mom and Dad sleep on the same bed...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Float away to nowhere... :|

This is something that is still incomplete. It still needs an intro. When that's done, the intro will be as cool as the ending...

Right now, that's all I've made cause I've run out of ideas -__-;;;

This song was made in a total time of 5 hours 33 mins. Not bad eh? :)
This will remain an instrumental and I will not put forth any efforts to pump in lyrics or vocals into this... esp when I don't have anyone who'll give me vocals anyways :|

Ah! This song is inspired by "Intro", which is the 22nd Track on Death Note - Original Soundtrack II. I recommend you listen to that song. It's really that good. ^__^
Once you listen to it, you'll also understand what kind of an intro I'm giving for this song.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The English of Our Times

One fine day...

Me -> Hey AD, Good Morning! ^__^
AD -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Eh? ?_?
AD -> Whats the Happens? Whys you makes the funny faces? :|
Me -> Errmmm... maybe because I didn't expect this kind of English out of you. -__-
AD -> Arey Nose Yaar. This is the Englishes of our times. :)
Me -> You're putting a Nostalgic tone to it. -__-
AD -> Buts its the yoos whoose talkings in the old Englishes. :S
Me -> Me? Old English? o_O
AD -> Yeses. Evens the DPs wills tells you. Oyes! DPs! :D
DP -> Oh! ADs! Goods the Mornings. :)
Me -> WTF??! x_X
AD -> Yeses. Goods the Mornings to yoos toos :)
DP -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Good Morning DP... But why are you... o_O
DP -> Yoos sounds likes a littles "Old Fashioned". Feelings the Sads abouts somethings?? <:| Me -> Okays... No... I mean OK. So what are you two getting at... //o\__/o\\
AD -> Nothings yaars... we just the wants the yoos to gets the outs of yours sadnesses and bes the Happies agains :)
DP -> Or doos yoos needs the times to the Thinks??? <:| 
Me -> OKays... No... I mean OK. So you think I'm sad and upset, while you the guys... No, I mean you guys are acting normal??? -__-
DP -> Noes yaars! Comes the ons yaars... <:|
MD -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Goods the .... No, I mean Good the... No... OK... Crap! Suprabhatam!! (Sanskrit for Good Morning) -__-
MD -> Whats the shits mans. Yoos talkings in the unknowns Language. Yoos the Upsets abouts the Somethings? <:|
Me -> Okays Okays Okays.... errr... no I mean OK OK OK... Why are the Three of you trying to drive the me mad!!! T__T
AD -> Areys... Seleniums is reallies the sads about the somethings... :O
Me -> Bye... Hope to wake up from this Bad Dream Soon enough... Mays the Gods Help me T__T


One Week Later...

AD -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Goods the Mornings ADs ^___^


One Month Later...

Me the writes this singular Blog hopings that the someones would comes and help me goes the back to the olds the Englishes...