Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Expressionless ...

Walking along the aisle he noticed her. She wore an exquisite top with a short skirt. His eyes widened appreciating her beauty.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” he said to her. There was no response.

He laughed.

“Too bad a poster can’t talk... wanted to see her blush and smile a bit.”


This is really, my first try on 55 word fiction. Sorry if it sounds too common... it's a pain in the neck for me to write anything with a small word limit.

And I guess the protagonist is a lonely dreamer devoid of the joys of reality... or something like that.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evolution of Music - Floating Away

14th March, 2009

Dear Reader,

How have you been? Things are a little troublesome down here. With strikes within our college and growing enmity between the students and the management, our college is closed down until further notice. So this time I really didn't have any interesting experience to tell. Me and few of my friends went shopping one day and shopped and shopped until we dropped :D

Thus, today, all I can do to keep this small letter interesting is to tell you my experience in making music. No, I wouldn't even call it 'making music'. Unlike the professionals who have spent days and days learning music before becoming a full fledged composer/musician; I didn't have any training in any form of music. I've learnt a lot through experimentation, internet and some through my brother's knowledge of Guitar. So I really can't say that I make music or that I'm a knowledgeable composer/musician. Rather my head comes up with a random melody. If I happen to record it on my computer, then starts a wonderful, boring and slow process of evolution. Yes, My music evolves. Just like the way you and me are growing up or have grown up to be what we are right now, my music grows and evolves to be what it is right now.

When I'm not listening any music, my mind subconsciously arranges melodies that even I myself haven't heard of. One day, when I really had nothing better to do, I sat down on the computer and created a rather simple pattern of musical chords. Somehow, the chords coming from a single instrument gave me a serene feeling... as if I was dreaming. However, at that time it simply didn't feel like I had arranged the music. I saved it and then listened to it on repeat mode. Soon, a few more melodies came to my mind. I recorded them with a bass guitar type instrument and bell type instruments. Before I realized, it was already 2 hours when I was adding more and more melodies to the chords along with a drum beat pattern. I felt a bit sleepy and saved whatever I had made that time. But before going to sleep, I recorded it and saved it. While saving it, I named it "Floating Away" because everytime I heard it, I felt like I was floating away to a completely different dream like world.

This way, "Floating Away 01" was born. Listen to it on the music player below. You may not feel the same way as me about this song. It's OK. After all it's not something made by a Pro Musician/Composer. But if you listen to it, then I'm sure you'll agree with me that it is very plain and simple. It hasn't got many instruments and there isn't any special effects in it either.

However, a few days later, I heard the recording again. And this time more melodies came to my head. I worked another 2 hours or so before I felt satisfied with it. This time "Floating Away 01" grew into what you probably know as "Floating Away 02". I'm sure you've heard it by now. It's in the main Music Player in my blog page. I've also put this song in the music player below, so that you can feel the evolution of "Floating Away 01" into "Floating Away 02". You'll realize that "Floating Away 02" has many more instruments that "Floating Away 01", and you might not have noticed, but I added some effects too. It has more complex rhythms and patterns than "Floating Away 01".

Nonetheless, I still wasn't satisfied with "Floating Away 02". It didn't have a intro or so I felt. So a few days ago, I sat down and once again added a few more melodies to "Floating Away 02" along with lots of special effects and filters. Now, it's a lot like what I wanted it to be. I wanted a intro that should give one a feeling of slowing entering a dream like world; and then suddenly the dreamer comes into a beautiful Utopia. But still, I'm not totally satisfied with it. I think I've added too many instruments and effects. It's making the song "too full" to be felt. Thus I've added a INC tag to it which means Incomplete. It's also in the music player below named as "Floating Away 03".

I'm sure by now you would have realized how different "Floating Away 01" is different from "Floating Away 02". This difference is a lot like a small child that looks very different when he/she grows up to be a adolescent. "Floating Away 02" isn't much different from "Floating Away 03 when you listen to it. But it's more complete and hopefully more mature like a grown up and experienced adult.

Did you feel how Floating Away evolved from a simple one and a half minute tune to a 3 minute, and professional sounding song?

Oh well. It seems now I must close off. The guys here want me to play counter strike now. But I'll keep writing to you, so wait for my letters and hopefully more songs/music. There might just be a "Floating Away 04" too. :)
Also, I'll be looking forward to your replies.

Yours truly,
Selenium Glow

Attached below -> list of all versions of "Floating Away" ever made.

-> Download and listen to Floating Away 01
-> Download and listen to Floating Away 02
-> Download and listen to Floating Away 03

Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm so totally new (and scared) of this award system in blogsphere. Well, a couple of days ago, I got a ton of awards from Samadrita and received one tonight from Ayu, and I had recieved a couple of awards from Chocolover as well.

Well, I'll be frank here. I thank all these people for giving me awards (naturally because they liked something about me or my blog), but the award system scares me O_O. I dunno... maybe it's nervousness or shyness or whatever the psycho(logist)s call it... None the less, being such a popular thing in Blogsphere, I'd mention my thanks and the awards I receive from the person.

1) From Samadrita -> She Gave me the following awards. Thanks a ton for them :)

2) From Ayu -> She passed on to me 2 awards ->

But then, there are rules to accept this award ->
1. List 10 things that make you happy,
2. Pass it on to 10 happy bloggers.
3. Notify the nominees about this Happy Award.

I'm having a tough time remembering 10 things that make me happy. For now, all I can think of was Anime/Manga and a full roll of Polo... But don't worry Ayu, I'll definitely remember ten things that can make me happy and then I'll pass this on to 10 other people. :)


Reading blogs also makes me happy sometimes, so that's 3 points now...

3) From Chocolover -> Well, I remember getting one recently and one she passed to all her followers a couple of months back. ->

Thanks a lot :)

So, finally. Now what?
I'm feeling like a oscar winner who wasn't expecting all this... O_O
Do I say "Thank you Mom, Thank you Dad. It's because you gave me a computer that..." and say stuff randomly.
I don't know, but of what I observe, I'm to pass these awards or my own original award to my fellow blogger buddies. So wait until I make a new award. I'm learning to use the Adobe Creative Suite now a days. :D I'm sure I'll make something great with it :D No... I'm dying to make something great with it. :D After all, Adobe Creative Suite is what Makoto Shinkai (Creator of "5 Centimeters per Second") uses to make his animations :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Path of Melancholy (Instrumentation Only)

So. I'm posting the Instrumental version of the song I made out of Chocolover's blog. However, I'm not posting the vocalized version yet. Primary reason is that the voice recording isn't any good. I need more professional recording hardware... a studio maybe... to get the desired results -__-. Secondary reason, when my Mom heard a draft of it about 3 weeks ago, she was totally horrified. "Never try to sing again!" was what she said, so I'm kinda demoralized about me singing anything at all... :(

The so called lyrics that are supposed to be in this song are from this bloglink of Chocolover's blog -> "Death that is to come"
Because I (or anyone else for that matter) didn't sing in the lyrics, so you're free to imagine how the lyrics fit in. If you you want, you can download the song and mix in your voice to it too, and in the way you want to sing it. :)

Anyways, regarding the titles, I had already named this four para poem/lyrics "The Path of Melancholy" when she still kept the title of all her poems "Random". She just recently titled her poems. So if I ever post a final vocalized version (And pray for me that I do...) then I'll use the title that Chocolover used. For now, let this instrumentation be "The Path of Melancholy" instead of the Author's original "Death that is to come".

One final thing about this instrumentation. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Hence, no complex loops or drum beats. I could have added a better melody for the Piano, but I guess I desperately wanted to keep the Instruments simple to contrast the complex emotion of this lyrics (or so I felt...).

Walking towards the long horizon,
To find a new place;
Where one is happy,
In being alone.

Life seems terrible,
With all the pleasures;
Falling in darkness,
Disappeared in crowd;

Truth cries in despair,
Living the Nightmare, every moment;
Lost smile peeping seldomly,
Shutting the doors for joy;

Heart sinkin' in Memoirs,
Tired eyes Starin' the Haunted one;
The brave soul is not scared of,
the Death that is to come.