Monday, March 24, 2008

A life without the Internet :|

Try to imagine if this world had everything else but internet. Would it be Catastrophic? Or it wouldn't matter?

I thought of this question today, when I realized that starting tomorrow, I'll have to spend another two or three months without the internet... And then again I realized that there were millions who didn't have the internet, and yet continued a normal life. That category of people won't be ever interested in coming to the net... they are happy without it already; and even if they do, they will only use it as a tool to communicate with friends and relatives, or gather news and relevant informations only. Not like the most of us so called experienced public, who use it for all sorts of work. We, not only communicate, we communicate with people all over the world, socializing and creating our own virtual society and friend circle. This easily generates a separate personality of an individual, that is also know as the Virtual Profile. We also use it to download our favourite music, videos, games, and stuff that passes our time when we are alone. Without the net, a normal general person wouldn't be using the computer for entertainment and relaxing as much as we use today.

So, the most effected people will be guys who practically live most of the day on the internet, socializing on various social networking sites, forums, or what not...

In the End, maybe I could be wrong... but without the internet, I would practically go crazy (like I will be going to be in these 2-3 months :( ). It's a source for me for music, my favourite anime, news, and software resources. My maximum creativity (on which I largely rely on) comes from the internet...

But life is like that... It has some rough patches for everyone.

I wouldn't want to imagine a life without the internet... not when it's already there and a part of my life.

And now about Kyodai... ^_^

What should I say about this game??

Well, first this is actually a solitaire game, that the author (Popular now as Nao) ingeniously added a multi player functionality. He added backgrounds, music (great music!!! ) and one heck of an immersive interface. Soon he took the graphics and functionality to a whole new level by converting it into 3D. Now you could move around in space, with special dynamic lighting features :), shadows :D, and what not.

But what kind of game are we exactly talking about here?? I mentioned solitaire... but it's not a card game. It's rather a tile game with extremely simple rules. The current versions have eight games (totally great... some by their gameplay, and mostly by the gameplay environment), a Skybox backgrounds (the ones that were used in Counter Strike, Half Life, and other VALVE games), songs from Miguel in CD quality ( ^___^ ) and heck of a lot features that you won't find in other versions of Mahjongg.

If you want, try out a shareware version from Here.

So, finally... eh? What? Why I play this game?? Good question... (:

Actually there something about this game that strikes me. This game has some magical ability to soothe me. When I'm all worked up, angry, depressed or whatever bad stuff like that happens to me; I just spend half of an hour in this game, and by then I feel like I'm living the best life in this world. My anger, depression, profanity or whatever bad stuff has vaporised (and remains vaporised for at least one day). I keep this game and play it... maybe for this reason alone.

P.S ::> Another thing that I find totally crazy about this game is that it's programmed in Delphi X_X

Sunday, March 23, 2008

One of my Musical Inspirations

One of my Musical Inspiration has been Miguel Samiez. I was introduced to this guy when I got hold of my first version of Kyodai Mahjhongg 16.0 in 2001. The background track "The Sad Song.mid" kept playing, as I was slowly falling into the depths of this game (This game will have a separate post... ^^; ). But it took me one whole year to realize that this music was the imagination of Miguel Samiez. By then, I was in total love with his songs "Fairy Tale", "Timeless", "Forever", and rest of his other track (all midi files :| ) and here onwards a feeling of music was born in me. The moment I realized that this guy made music for the game was when I read the help files and manual of this game. It told a story... of how the author of this game started this game with nothing to support himself with and how a part time composer of him (Miguel :) ) decided to make songs for his game. I won't go into the details of this story... but I found this on the internet...

Bluescape - Miguel Samiez
This site gives just two minutes of demo clips from his Second Album -> Bluescape :)

Miguel Album Clips
This Site has all the albums released by this guy till date... but they are also 2 minute clips... :| (Jeez... I can't do anything... couldn't find full length songs... the day I do... I'll add it to this very post ^_^ )

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My first Animation...

I still remember the desperation I felt at having my own signature for the Animax India forums... Everyone out there had a signature... I felt I should have one too. (Come on... I know I can be very emotionless, but in the end I'm a human too ^^;;; )

So, I start up The GIMP. And spend two days reverse Engineering various animated GIF images, and experimenting with various pulgins of GIMP. Two days later, I start off with a random experiment which eventually became my first signature in the Animax forums.

I just made it... not knowing what I wanted to do. This is how I've been learning things from the beginning. So, when I saw that it had turned out good, I just used it :)

Below is what I made in the end of my first animation project... I feel kinda proud of it... ^_^


Yet another 'out of the Blue' Creation.... (:

Yep... this is a more recent one.

I'm at home. Mom is down with illness, so I have to stay at home and take care of her while my buddies are out having fun... -_-

So, I sit down with milky tracker and try to make new sample instruments out of it... Something comes in my mind... I just make a sequence of notes. Then next two days I spent in a frenzy way, loosing all sleep and just work on the tune that came in my mind. I just played what came and put it in the computer (not in Milky Tracker this time though :P )...

Next comes a music that reminded me of strange things... I just end up giving this project and eventually the music as well the name of -> "Step Ahead". It's not supposed to have any lyrics, but if you have one... you're welcome. ^_^

A Creation By Chance...

One fine day... Me and a Senior of mine were sitting in the cafeteria. He mentioned that he had written a lot of poems that could become good songs...

I simply blurted out at that time... "well, give them to me!"
He didn't believe me what I said at that time... He just thought I was bluffing. But I managed to persuade him. He finally opened his beloved diary and took out a poem that he wished would become a song one day.

The Poem was titled - "For You". Two days later I had a basic background tune ready for it on my synth. Next when I came back home, I converted it into a full fledged song minus the vocals. Since then people have only praised the instrumental... I didn't actually think the song was that good... but I guess it is :)

Here are the lyrics that was supposed to go with it (:

Look o Dear
I maybe far or near
I'm always there
For you

Seasons go by
And time will just fly
But I will stand here
For you

Look o Dear
I maybe far or near
I'm always there
For you

Just look back once
In sorrow or in pain
A healing hand will be there
For you

When the tides are high
And the Shore out of sight
When storm clouds start to fly
I will stand with a guiding light

Just look o Dear
I'm not far but near
I'm still right here
For you

Seasons still go by
And time still fies
I'll forever stand here
For you

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Mr. M is one of the most unpredictable, and great actors of my hostel.

18th January, 2008.
Room no. 107

Mr. :Z is trying to solve some differential equations that he claims to be very difficult (But actually he was solving the first exercise of the text book... it's supposed to have easy questions as far as my experience goes, but then, I haven't touched my Math book yet.)

I'm walking to and fro in my room, in my own deep thoughts.

Mr. Fatso is sleeping on his infamously clumsy bed.

The third roomy is drowning in his sorrows for failing one exam.

Enter Mr. M and his friend ES Sir. Mr. M is visibly agitated and shouts as he drops on Mr :Z's bed and lays down there. He just keeps on shouting - "Let's see what happens today." ES sir keeps saying -" Let's go M, nothings gonna happen this year." This goes on for 10 minutes. "Call the other juniors you lazy rats." shouts Mr. M. Mr :Z runs out and calls the other juniors from the hostel into our room. The remaining seniors get a knack that something is going wrong.

Next, I remember my room full of boys. Most of the seniors went back saying that it was a mere superstition. It was practically suffocating. Seniors kept asking us what we knew about January 18th. I was blank. Some juniors said they did know. Others were blank like me. Soon, two or three seniors mentioned some of their Paranormal experiences. Mr :Z and some other boys felt uneasy. They were afraid of ghosts and paranormal phenomena. I was still blank.

Among the paranormal narrations... came a point when someone mentioned that Mr. M was overpowered by a ghost last year on 18th January. He tried killing his room mates and acted weirdly. His eyes were totally white. And it took 12 People to control his abnormally large power. Later Mr. M's mother and Father had many rituals to cleanse their son's soul and prevent any ghost form overpowering him.

Mr. C was calmly listening and making fun of his fellow seniors for being superstitious. Someone told him not to make fun of ghosts, else they may get angry. The moment that certain someone finished his statement, the tube light under which Mr. C sat fell on him bang. Mr. C was saved by a hair's breadth from any injury, and the tube light lay shattered on the ground. Everyone was now completely Petrified. I was still blank. ("Why are people scared from a loose tube light...", I thought. "It fell the other day too, but thanks god the tube light was still intact.")

Mr. C's throat became dry. He asked a Junior to get him some water. At first the Junior didn't agree. He said he didn't want to go alone. But Mr. C just said that there would be no one to disturb him from doing his job... that is getting a bottle of water. After some scolding and screaming, the junior went upto the door, and pulled to open it. But the door didn't open. It was locked from outside!!! And blank went out the lights. Mr. M suddenly jumped up from the bed and ran to the window shouting in a blood curdling voice "Did you see him! Did you see him!! It's him! What the F*** are you?? What are you doing there... come here if you've got guts. I'm right here...". Some other senior in the dark shouted, "Juniors. Don't look out of the window. Save your soul." While half the people were busy trying to look what was out of the window, the other half scared people banged frenziedly on the door, hoping someone would answer. I and my room mate sat blank on the bed.

The latter half of the boys were relieved when someone did open the door. The lights were turned on again and then suddenly Mr. :Z shouted - "Where is Maa Saraswati's Idol!!!?!?". My third roomy kept a silvered Goddess Saraswati's photo hung over his Cupboard. It was indeed not there. Then Mr. :Z turned towards ES Sir. "Sir, I remember you taking it out to protect yourself from evil spirits... I touched it too when the lights went out. You must be having it! Where is it Sir!".
"It's not with me! The moment lights came back, I gave it to Mr. RS."
Mr. RS said someone did keep something over his lap, but he also remembers that some one had picked it up too. Mr. :Z and a few others were hysterical by now. Mr. SP decided to simply go out and investigate what Mr. M had seen. Mr. M still agitated claimed that if there were any real men left here, they should stay in this room. All except me and my equally blank third roomy went after Mr. SP. Soon some other senior came and ordered us both to come as well. We walked through the whole corridor and came out. The moment we did, we heard the most horrifying and terrible scream that we had ever heard.

Anyone, and Everyone ran back into the cursed room. What I saw was sensational, and what others saw simply made them pee in their pants. Mr. M made a horrible face, eyes all white and arms all cranked and crooked, legs simply bent as if they were broken apart. He immediately attacked two juniors, but they were save as all the seniors went and tried to subdue him. Two hours later, still there were people holding him down as one was tying a rope to bind Mr. M nicely to the bed and control his movement. People chanted Sanskrit Prayers and sang holy hymns to get rid of evil spirits. I watched Blank in amazement.

Mr. M was soon drawn back to his room. Juniors were advised to keep away from windows and sleep with each other. No one was supposed to be alone in any room; and no one was to stay in 107 any longer. Everyone went out. I stayed back, changed my clothes, turned of the lights and went off to sleep without caring about anything.


Next day, I got to know a lot of stuff.

1) It was all an elaborate act to scare off us juniors.
2) Mr :Z was so scared, that someone claimed that he really peed in his pants... though it wasn't true. He was scared only to the extent that he didn't sleep in our room for a week.
3) Mr. M came to scare me again that night. When he made the same posture that he made in the beginning and made scary noises, all I said in my sleep was - "Let me sleep Pinky". Pinky is the name of my pet dog...
4) People now think that I'm a walking talking ghost and the only thing that can scare me is probably yet to be born.