Monday, January 5, 2009

The English of Our Times

One fine day...

Me -> Hey AD, Good Morning! ^__^
AD -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Eh? ?_?
AD -> Whats the Happens? Whys you makes the funny faces? :|
Me -> Errmmm... maybe because I didn't expect this kind of English out of you. -__-
AD -> Arey Nose Yaar. This is the Englishes of our times. :)
Me -> You're putting a Nostalgic tone to it. -__-
AD -> Buts its the yoos whoose talkings in the old Englishes. :S
Me -> Me? Old English? o_O
AD -> Yeses. Evens the DPs wills tells you. Oyes! DPs! :D
DP -> Oh! ADs! Goods the Mornings. :)
Me -> WTF??! x_X
AD -> Yeses. Goods the Mornings to yoos toos :)
DP -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Good Morning DP... But why are you... o_O
DP -> Yoos sounds likes a littles "Old Fashioned". Feelings the Sads abouts somethings?? <:| Me -> Okays... No... I mean OK. So what are you two getting at... //o\__/o\\
AD -> Nothings yaars... we just the wants the yoos to gets the outs of yours sadnesses and bes the Happies agains :)
DP -> Or doos yoos needs the times to the Thinks??? <:| 
Me -> OKays... No... I mean OK. So you think I'm sad and upset, while you the guys... No, I mean you guys are acting normal??? -__-
DP -> Noes yaars! Comes the ons yaars... <:|
MD -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Goods the .... No, I mean Good the... No... OK... Crap! Suprabhatam!! (Sanskrit for Good Morning) -__-
MD -> Whats the shits mans. Yoos talkings in the unknowns Language. Yoos the Upsets abouts the Somethings? <:|
Me -> Okays Okays Okays.... errr... no I mean OK OK OK... Why are the Three of you trying to drive the me mad!!! T__T
AD -> Areys... Seleniums is reallies the sads about the somethings... :O
Me -> Bye... Hope to wake up from this Bad Dream Soon enough... Mays the Gods Help me T__T


One Week Later...

AD -> Goods the Mornings Seleniums :)
Me -> Goods the Mornings ADs ^___^


One Month Later...

Me the writes this singular Blog hopings that the someones would comes and help me goes the back to the olds the Englishes...

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