Sunday, May 31, 2009

Absurd Notions... Innocent Notions

Scene: A classroom of 1st Grade. Anuj, Kapil, Amit and Swati are sitting on their seats. It's lunch time and they are finishing their lunch like good 6 year olds.

Anuj :: Kapil?
Kapil :: What?
Anuj :: Have you ever wondered why Mom and Dad sleep together on one bed? How come I have a different room and not sleep with them on the same bed?
Kapil :: How do I know? They sleep like that maybe cause they want to...
Anuj :: So basically, they don't have a reason.

Swati who was munching away a sandwich uptill now intervenes.

Swati :: You know, your Mom and Dad are just sharing the bed cause they have only two. They give you one whole bed to sleep on cause they love you and want to give you their all...

Amit, who was also munching away a sandwich (and probably forever...) also intervenes

Amit :: And I thought that Mom slept with Dad cause she once told me she was afraid of Ghosts.
Swati, Anuj, Kapil :: Eh?!?!
Amit :: Ya, I mean, come on, if you are afraid of ghosts, you'd never want to be alone right? You won't be scared if you're with someone. So, Mom stays with Dad whole night long.
Anuj :: Yes, that makes sense. I think you may be right.
Kapil :: Yes, I agree too.
Swati :: I don't...
Kapil :: But you have to... don't you sometimes hear your Mom scream out at night??
Swati :: Eh?? No. That's what I'm trying to say, both Mom and Dad aren't afraid of Ghosts. Neither am I.
Kapil :: Ah! But I'm positive. I sometimes hear my mom scream out at night... so I'm positive she is afraid of Ghosts and Dad takes care of her when Ghosts come to scare her.

A boy screams out to the group. The group quickly packs the luchbox, and goes out to play not worrying about why their Mom and Dad sleep on the same bed...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Float away to nowhere... :|

This is something that is still incomplete. It still needs an intro. When that's done, the intro will be as cool as the ending...

Right now, that's all I've made cause I've run out of ideas -__-;;;

This song was made in a total time of 5 hours 33 mins. Not bad eh? :)
This will remain an instrumental and I will not put forth any efforts to pump in lyrics or vocals into this... esp when I don't have anyone who'll give me vocals anyways :|

Ah! This song is inspired by "Intro", which is the 22nd Track on Death Note - Original Soundtrack II. I recommend you listen to that song. It's really that good. ^__^
Once you listen to it, you'll also understand what kind of an intro I'm giving for this song.