Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thinking up a name...

It's not easy thinking up a name. I pity my Parents (and even my Elder Brother) who had sleepless nights trying to thinks of a Unique Name, that wouldn't be common and if possible, non-existent that time, so that I could be called by that name.

I can feel pity for my parents cause I want to post a new song I made a few weeks ago and now feel kinda satisfied with for now, but when I had to render a .wav file, I was prompted for a filename. There I was clean bowled. For temporary usages, I name my projects anything, and this one was name BASS_T.

"Bass T???"

I can hear you ask. Why such a mundane and meaningless filename? Well. I don't know. I just named it when I thought that the first 10 seconds sounded good. But when the whole 2 and half minutes of the song was over, I didn't think much about naming it formally. Bass T is just a nickname I call this project by. It needed a formal name so that it could be presented to the world.

I called Mr. DG. The infamous Venomous (yet highly creative guy) who appears in my blog here -> Ciggerette smoking can cause Tsunamis?

He heard the song and said - "Despite the groovy beats, the song still relaxes me. It sounds adventurous."

Relaxing and Adventurous. He did it again. A wonderful and convincing, yet contradictory description about this song. Until he formally names my project, I'm not posting it here. So, this post is about naming creations :)

Does anyone feel cheated O_o ???

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