Friday, October 10, 2008

Can you prove that Smoking causes Tsunami??? o_O

One fine sunny day... I'm going to my Network Systems Lecture Class. I come across Mr. Pp. Well, for a short introduction, Mr. Pp is in a different branch, has the ability to Pull Legs to a dangerous level (Enough to cause "Mental Trauma" ... ) and always has enough free time to go after me... (that f###### b####### (: ) But I admire this guy again due to his amazing level of useless creativity (for which I have some use :P ). I'm yet to come across anyone else with this ability... (putting aside IS... the one who did the Bike Mata Ritual )

Mr. Pp stops me and we have the following conversation...

Mr. Pp -> Yo! Selenium... You going to do classes I see.
Me -> No, I'm going because you are free...
Mr. Pp -> OK then, I won't take too much of your time... you're a busy man and you intend to remain one the rest of your life... so Please just help me answer one question.
Me -> Go on... Shoot.
Mr. Pp -> Can you Prove that Cigarette smoking causes Tsunami??
Me -> (X_x) WTF?????
Mr. Pp -> Come on yaar... you have such storng Technical and Knowledgable mind. You can prove it.

Mr. Dg enters the Scene. He is one ultimate guy with one ultimate venoumous imagination and thoughts... as demonstrated below...

Mr. Dg -> Ah! Selenium. Nice to see that clumsy face of yours... makes me feel that there are at least some people left in this world who concentrate more on their jobs and works and not the girls who'd be impressed by them... {insert some more crap to save your own time}
Mr. Pp -> You know Dg, the sun has started rising from the west, the river ganga is flowing towards it's glacier and not towards the Bay of Bengal (Some language man... o_O ).
Mr. Dg -> Really!! What is happening here???
Mr. Pp -> See, Selenium can't prove one Statement!
Mr. Dg -> What is going here? What is it Selenium? Are you not feeling well?? Didn't you go to the toilet today??
Me -> The Statement is - "Can you prove that Cigarette smoking causes Tsunami??"
Mr. Dg -> And you can't prove this?? Come on man. You have such strong technical and knowlegeble mind. You can prove it.
Me -> I don't have time for this crap. Let me see you do it (I'm about to walk away... see, I'm more concerned about the Teacher throwing me out for coming late, over their interesting crap)
Mr. Dg -> Wait... It's not that difficult.
Me -> How?
Mr. Dg -> Well... you see... Cigarette smoking cause smoke...
Me -> Naturally it does...
Mr. Dg -> Being warm, it rises up in the atmosphere and goes near, under the ozone layer...
Me -> ...
Mr. Dg -> Having Greenhouse gases, it lets the heat pass into the atmosphere but not out. This heat touches the surface of ocean and causes the water to evaporate and form clouds and storms...
Me -> O_o
Mr. Dg -> Now, going back to the smoker and his fellow smokers on Land, their smoking generates heat apart from smoke. So that means this heat + the heat coming from the sun (that can't escape out) causes lower pressure on land than on sea where the strom clouds have formed on sea. The heat on the sea is completely wasted on evaporation process, so due to lack of heat on sea, there is higher atmospheric pressure on sea.... Now, Wind and Storm clouds move from high pressure to low pressure area. The difference in Land's Atmospheric Pressure and Sea's Atmospheric Pressure is very vast causing high velocity winds... The higher the wind velocity the greater the height of wave formed. It can be prove mathematically that this relation is exponential, so for a hurricane like wind velocity, the wave will have a height that is of a Tsunami's. Hence, we can conclude indirectly that Cigarette Smoking causes Tsunami...
Me -> (X_x) WTF was that???


This did sound logical at first... but then...

P.S. ::> Just a note... Mr. Pp and Mr. Dg are best of friends and they have near similar thinking... but really, Mr. Dg is more dangerous a guy... :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My times with my synth ~

I have been amazed many times in my life. I've been irritated many times in my life. But nothing has ever amazed me more than the music that comes out from a piano... and at the same time nothing as irritated me as much either.

When I got into the 2nd sem of my 11th class, my brother got himself a Guitar. He was in college that time and nothing is more popular than a Guitar among college boys (Yes, I know girls are there too... but we are for once talking pure and simple music :P ). My Dad finally decided to buy me a Keyboard for me that time, naturally after I had raised enough tantrums (enough to make me a Britney Spears Clone... -__-). I got a CASIO CTK-481 back then, which I still play now. It's not the best Keyboard out there (It's probably the worst -__- )... it's just a basic model with 61 keys, 100 tunes and 100 demo songs with an added feature of 100 accompaniment rhythms. At that time, I was totally clueless as to what music really was. At that time I was just amazed and dazed in my own world where I could play any music.

Two days later, I snap back to reality like a really tight elastic rubber hitting my face after being pulled out tightly (And that hurts...). I didn't even know where to start. Now, I was thoroughly irritated by this one Keyboard. I was never as irritated in my life as I was back then. I didn't have time to join any Keyboard classes either... so, it was just me alone.

2 Years later, I realize that I still don't know anything about music and playing the Piano. I realize that all the time, it was me who demanded a piano back then, and now I wasn't playing it, left me with a bad feeling. I was irritated again. So I finally sat down on the Internet and started digging out tutorials and related stuff about piano. I put some effort, repeat, only some effort into learning how to play. While reading the tutorials, I was once again amazed at the simplicity of things in music. Then I had some help from my brother as well. Add to that some of the "Demo songs" in my synth taught me how to play some songs.

4 years Later and in the present time, I'm once again amazed. From the frustration that ate me 2 years ago, to sheer happiness I feel while playing some of my favourite tunes on the synth... It was a slow journey. But when I think about it, it was just as amazing too. I still sometimes think how happy I was when I was finally able to play "Canon in D" by Paschelbel with both my hands. That time I was happy and amazed... over myself. (I know how to play good piano without ever taking any classes or coaching from anyone in real life ^__^ )

Today I'm still not that good at piano cause I don't practice everyday. I just touch my synth one or two times a week to play some songs that I want to play, and that's what I've been doing for the past two years too. For now, things seem to go fine with me and my synth.

Here in I post a pic of what my synth is really like :

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogger is like Nature...

Today in the evening, I just thought about my blog. How I leave it without posting much in it while there are thousands of bloggers around me that go on posting everyday. Should anyone assume that I'm not serious about my blog or don't like writing blogs and just have one for the sake of it? Or maybe because my friends have blogs too, so I thought of having one too?

My blog is like a plant. I post slowly and occasionally, so it also grows slowly. When I started it, it was like a sapling coming out form a seed. It grew slowly as I posted. Soon enough, the sapling turned into a tender and vulnerable plant. It is yet to become a tree, but for now, I feel that this one plant is doing well... it's all green (pun intended) and bright. :)

But mine may not be the only one too. Like there are tens and thousands of varieties of trees and plants, there are blogs. Some are huge and protective Banyan trees, some are beautiful and graceful like Cherry Blossoms or Gulmohars. Some are small but lovely like Roses and Lilies. Some may be small yet widespread like mosses. There are countless of them. They all have their place and give us a shade when we need it.

Now, let's think about the blogs which get posts everyday. These blogs may have some resemblences with animals. They are born, and soon grow up to become a full grown adult. They are experienced and know how to make themselves notice in crowd. Ok... some may don't, but they too are there... and someone or the other may notice them. Some are Elephants which carry a vast source or knowledge and experience, while some may be rats and foxes that are not large, but cunning enough to impress others around them. Some may yet be tortoises, slow steady and always looking into the future. Some may be tigers, highly aggressive and yet majestic.

To sum up, animal type blogs grow fast and have their own pace and life.

For once, I know my blog is still a plant. I planted this plant not knowing what plant it actually is. It may grow up one day to shower flowers upon anyone who stands under it, or it may give fruits that anyone can eat and relax. It may always remain a small plant like it is now, but give a few flowers to those who come across it...

Let's just see what this blog becomes ^__^