Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Song / Blocked Youtube :(

Youtube is blocked here... So, I'm unable to Upload a youtube version of this new song (as mentioned in the Previous Post)

Now, Bass T has a official name that I can use to post it around here and there... :)
Bass T is now called Frizzante.

This title was given by Mr. V who appears in this blog by me -> Dialogs : Part I

He heard the song, Agreed with Mr. DG's Description and then about an hour later gave it this name. I couldn't think of anything and then, I didn't have options either, so I kept it.

So Frizzante it is. (BTW, Firefox and Opera tell me it's Frizz ante... The dictionary said it's Frizzante... but then, not that I really care... :P )

Then I made it into a video (with a still image only) only to realize later that I can't access youtube from here. It's blocked. So, I upload it to my mp3 player on my blog and put it on Top. However, I'll upload the video the moment I get the opportunity to do so. A youtube version stays in front of you... and would have added relevance to this post. :)


BTW, I found a random (seemingly scanned) image from Google images. It wasn't a high quality image, but after a few filter effects and a high end Anti-Aliasing routine applied on that, and resizing to my desktop screen dimensions, I made this wallpaper (widescreen) as shown below. This wallpaper has already added 4 new Saber fans in my hostel the day I put it on display :D

Ah! Saber you're so Beautiful *sigh*
(Click to see [and then download] the full image if you want too)

From Wallpapers

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