Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Music Streaming :) (Bonus... ringtone materials)

It's just Chance o.o

Pure and simple chance :)

I finally found a mp3 hosting site... or rather a file sharing site where mp3 can be hosted as well and you can download my hosted music too :)

I've added it in my blog below the comments pane... though it was a total pain to edit all the CSS scripts of my blog to fit the bulky looking player...

Though for new creations, I'd still upload on youtube... but this looks easier and cleaner.
And in this player, there are two tracks - Infinity by Guru Josh Projects and Kishi ou no Hokori from Fate/Stay Night, whose snippets I've cut, down mixed to low quality for use as mobile phone ring tones... (yes I'm using them for now :P )

That's all I have to say today...

P.S. ::> Yes, to many professional bloggers out there... I do sound like an idiot who should die in a drop of water (or something like that) for not knowing this till date... but hey, at least I know now... O_o


Samadrita said...

Lol there are sites like divshare.com or box.net for such purposes.You can even post songs along with your blogs.

Btw your music is awesome.I liked almost all your creations-especially 'Float away' and 'A long goodbye'.

And yea 55-word stories are kind of fun to write.But can you tell me how my new story is?It's just that most people are way too lazy to go through the whole piece. :X
And I need feedback.....desperately. :(

bloodhound94 said...

Fate/Stay Night? Never tried it before.. Maybe I'll give it a shot after I'm through with Code Geass..