Tuesday, June 9, 2009

About a documentary...

One of my friends tried making a documentary. He planned to make a documentary that would depict the fact that there is a time wrap in a country named India. He wanted to show that there are both old, ancient, simple and slow lifestyle in this country and Also, a new, changing, fast, urban and complicated lifestyle. In layman terms, the life in a village, and a life in new modern cities and industries.

So, he made plans, arranged a video camera and went to his grandpa's place which is a supposed to be a backward village. A couple of villages away is an industrial city with all the modern amenities, and some big industries, one of which belonged to one of his relatives or so. He planned his trips by going to the village first and then the city.

It was while he was making his plans that I offered him that, I could make some background music for him and edit his videos, so that it would be a 100% original Documentary, with no parts copied from anywhere, in it.

We had a huge plan, great expectations and high hopes. But the Idea never materialized completely. He did get the camera, but it didn't work when he had the time. And when it was fixed, he came to knew, he couldn't go to the city cause he had to attend some more important family functions. However, I did make one song/background music for this guy's documentary.

This song I imagined would play in the background of the documentary, when he's traveling from one place to another, walking or sitting on a train/bus/car/whatever. I imagined various people moving around, scenery that keep changing every half kilometers, the subtle sunset scene of the lake by the village in a bright moonlight.

However, by the time I could complete this... I got a call from him saying he wouldn't be able to make it. I lost interest in completing this song. But whatever was done, stayed and sounds pretty decent even incomplete... :)

Below is the song that was made by me... Song made for a something that died even before it could be attempted. But I do hope one day, that friend of mine is able to complete that Documentary. I still like his concept. ^^