Monday, March 24, 2008

A life without the Internet :|

Try to imagine if this world had everything else but internet. Would it be Catastrophic? Or it wouldn't matter?

I thought of this question today, when I realized that starting tomorrow, I'll have to spend another two or three months without the internet... And then again I realized that there were millions who didn't have the internet, and yet continued a normal life. That category of people won't be ever interested in coming to the net... they are happy without it already; and even if they do, they will only use it as a tool to communicate with friends and relatives, or gather news and relevant informations only. Not like the most of us so called experienced public, who use it for all sorts of work. We, not only communicate, we communicate with people all over the world, socializing and creating our own virtual society and friend circle. This easily generates a separate personality of an individual, that is also know as the Virtual Profile. We also use it to download our favourite music, videos, games, and stuff that passes our time when we are alone. Without the net, a normal general person wouldn't be using the computer for entertainment and relaxing as much as we use today.

So, the most effected people will be guys who practically live most of the day on the internet, socializing on various social networking sites, forums, or what not...

In the End, maybe I could be wrong... but without the internet, I would practically go crazy (like I will be going to be in these 2-3 months :( ). It's a source for me for music, my favourite anime, news, and software resources. My maximum creativity (on which I largely rely on) comes from the internet...

But life is like that... It has some rough patches for everyone.

I wouldn't want to imagine a life without the internet... not when it's already there and a part of my life.

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Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Yup it's tough for people to live without internet, especially those who spend a lot of time reading and sending 'scraps' on social network sites. But there comes a time when one feels a bit bored of the 'Virtual Personality'. At least that's what I feel and that's what prompted me to delete my orkut profile yesterday. I know that it's quite late to post a comment since you posted your article more than a couple of months back, but since you are on 'Cyber hibernation' I don't think that it matters at all.