Saturday, March 22, 2008

My first Animation...

I still remember the desperation I felt at having my own signature for the Animax India forums... Everyone out there had a signature... I felt I should have one too. (Come on... I know I can be very emotionless, but in the end I'm a human too ^^;;; )

So, I start up The GIMP. And spend two days reverse Engineering various animated GIF images, and experimenting with various pulgins of GIMP. Two days later, I start off with a random experiment which eventually became my first signature in the Animax forums.

I just made it... not knowing what I wanted to do. This is how I've been learning things from the beginning. So, when I saw that it had turned out good, I just used it :)

Below is what I made in the end of my first animation project... I feel kinda proud of it... ^_^


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Dylan said...

Awesome!! You gotta teach me, man!