Sunday, March 23, 2008

One of my Musical Inspirations

One of my Musical Inspiration has been Miguel Samiez. I was introduced to this guy when I got hold of my first version of Kyodai Mahjhongg 16.0 in 2001. The background track "The Sad Song.mid" kept playing, as I was slowly falling into the depths of this game (This game will have a separate post... ^^; ). But it took me one whole year to realize that this music was the imagination of Miguel Samiez. By then, I was in total love with his songs "Fairy Tale", "Timeless", "Forever", and rest of his other track (all midi files :| ) and here onwards a feeling of music was born in me. The moment I realized that this guy made music for the game was when I read the help files and manual of this game. It told a story... of how the author of this game started this game with nothing to support himself with and how a part time composer of him (Miguel :) ) decided to make songs for his game. I won't go into the details of this story... but I found this on the internet...

Bluescape - Miguel Samiez
This site gives just two minutes of demo clips from his Second Album -> Bluescape :)

Miguel Album Clips
This Site has all the albums released by this guy till date... but they are also 2 minute clips... :| (Jeez... I can't do anything... couldn't find full length songs... the day I do... I'll add it to this very post ^_^ )

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