Monday, March 24, 2008

And now about Kyodai... ^_^

What should I say about this game??

Well, first this is actually a solitaire game, that the author (Popular now as Nao) ingeniously added a multi player functionality. He added backgrounds, music (great music!!! ) and one heck of an immersive interface. Soon he took the graphics and functionality to a whole new level by converting it into 3D. Now you could move around in space, with special dynamic lighting features :), shadows :D, and what not.

But what kind of game are we exactly talking about here?? I mentioned solitaire... but it's not a card game. It's rather a tile game with extremely simple rules. The current versions have eight games (totally great... some by their gameplay, and mostly by the gameplay environment), a Skybox backgrounds (the ones that were used in Counter Strike, Half Life, and other VALVE games), songs from Miguel in CD quality ( ^___^ ) and heck of a lot features that you won't find in other versions of Mahjongg.

If you want, try out a shareware version from Here.

So, finally... eh? What? Why I play this game?? Good question... (:

Actually there something about this game that strikes me. This game has some magical ability to soothe me. When I'm all worked up, angry, depressed or whatever bad stuff like that happens to me; I just spend half of an hour in this game, and by then I feel like I'm living the best life in this world. My anger, depression, profanity or whatever bad stuff has vaporised (and remains vaporised for at least one day). I keep this game and play it... maybe for this reason alone.

P.S ::> Another thing that I find totally crazy about this game is that it's programmed in Delphi X_X

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