Friday, January 11, 2008

What's with the eyes?

I've come across many people who've asked me this question -> "What's with this eyes only thing of yours?" Those who didn't understand the question yet... can take a look at the display pic under About Me part of this page.

Now, facing this question the first thing that comes to my mind (and always does) 'Ah! Good question. Never thought about it. How the heck would I know.'

Then a string of thoughts...

1> Could be my style
2> Could be my fetish
3> A sheer coincidence
4> Reflex action
5> A mark left by fate
6> Some psychological bias
7> A way to hide identity
8> It's different
9> It's the first thing I could draw
10> A metaphysical approach to understand people
and many endless thoughts...

What did it all lead to?
Just one awkward answer every time. Because I like the eyes.
Eyes are the only part that can give you 75% of the expression of one's face. I express myself only to this extent too... :) If you're below 18 years and still in school, then I'll say "Don't think too much about the remaining 25%" and if you're 18 years or above and have finished school then I'd say "I'll leave the remaining 25% as homework".

And hence, like all other previous occasions, I manage to give an answer without actually knowing what I'm talking about. I'm just happy the other person will move to some next topic... and if he/she doesn't then I usually do it for him...

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