Sunday, January 13, 2008

Creativity out of nowhere

Sometimes Creative ideas pop out from nowhere, and they astound you but you won't notice this.

Here's something that happened today.

I was at a family friend's home. Basically I went off to meet the kids both in high school, Swati and Mayank. The family decided to drop me back home. So I and Swati got into the rear seat of the car, Uncle was driving and Aunty had a small quarrel with Mayank as to who'll lock the gate. Mayank gave some argument, Aunty gave in. She let him climb into the back seat with me and swati... and no sooner did he get in the car he said something very very unusual -> "They always have conspiration against me"

Ahem... "Conspiration" ???
What the heck was this? I wondered as I blurted out... "Sounds like constipated Conspiracy."
But then, uncle in the front scene said "No, Conspiration should be a conspiracy hatched in a toilet. "


I and Swati and Uncle just couldn't control our Laughter... We went crazy laughing.

Then Mayank all red hot and upset said -> "Well what conspiracy are you hatching now??"
His dad instantly -> "Ah! Right! We are sitting in a car... so it should be a Carspiracy no?"

Are stomach aches due to laughter (especially when we just had our dinner 15 minutes ago). We simply go crazy laughing uncontrollably...

Today, I learnt new words like "Conspiration" and "Carspiracy". Guess they are great ideas... Creative ideas that just come out of nowhere...

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Chandreshwar Mani Tripathi said...

He He He :D Congrats Picks for your blog I will hope that atleast it sustains for long time :D BTW I guess I am the first person to write a comment on this blog. BTW my sixth sense is telling this blog will be a HIT one :D