Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Proxy Prank

I stay in a hostel where we have both the boys and girls hostel in a single building.

So, one day before diwali... at about 1 'o clock in night...

Guys in Room no. 112 acquire crackers and bombs. It doesn't take much time for them distribute it among the other hostel mates.

Being a bunch of boys, it's obvious that what their ultimate target would be; ~_^ They start the Pre Diwali Ceremony by starting to throw bombs and crackers (and even rockets O_o) into the girls hostel.

Well, we have just one warden for our girls and boys hostel (One building, one warden x_x ) and that too she's a fat, short tempered and utterly unrliable (and not to mention, a slow set of grey cells). Naturally she goes crazy.

Next scene is practically of a Army Assembly. Every boy staying in the boys hostel is standing in complete attention... except for their faces which is hung down (like a ostrich trying to bury it's face into the ground :P ). She is lecturing... no... practically threatening the boys of the dire consequences that they will now face.

In middle of her lecture class... a loud ceremony of 1000 crackers goes out, at what it seemed, the girls hostel.

The Warden was speechless, practically flabbergasted. And now she was out of her wits. What now? She let all the boys go, mumbling something to herself.


Two days later, I come back from my vacation and hear this story... I can't help but laugh :D
I practically died laughing that day... I wish I was there at the time when the boys were blowing off crackers.

However, I also came to know this -> One boy was not standing in the line when our warden was threating us. He did the grand closing ceremony for our Pre Diwali Celebration. ^_^ and in a tricky way too...

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Abhinav said...

good one! well let me welcome you to the blogging world. The prank was good. my heartfelt regards to the proxy pranker.... :)
this did remind me of my college days... ahhaaaaa! the blisfull ignorance... ;)