Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Hero or a Villain?

Now that I mention how much I admire wild and vivid imagination; Sometimes however, I can't help myself admiring intelligence, that too in negative scenario.

Imagine someone whom you've never seen and don't know his/her real name, but you still know what he/she is currently thinking and is able to make moves accordingly, predicting to some great accuracy what will happen next.
Kira (Yagami Light) and L are two people who are looking for each other, but don't know each other by real names and face.

Yagami Light has good looks, intelligence to handle any situation no matter how ugly it may get, and yet has known only to loose his cool in one occasion -> When his arc rival comes to him face to face. If you've seen this movie or anime series or even the Manga (Read ::> Japanese Comics, for those who didn't know) then you'll know why did he loose his cool.

Yagami Light with his Death Note

So, This guy is very confident and is usually able to predict the actual outcome of his actions. And the only one in this world who can counter him is "L", a world famous detective.

And L is determined to get rid of him. He is equally confident and intelligent.

"L" aka "Ryuzaki". He is the only person who is able to understand what, why
and when "Light" aka "Kira" acts.

Though they are equally matched... I still like Yagami Light. I'm influenced by his cold emotionless thoughts. I like his attitutde and in the end, I like the way he looks... Ultra Cool!!!

Awesome imagination I say... something that I won't come across so often... Hence I give it some space in my blog. :)

But is this guy the hero of the series or is a villain or just the main character put in with a negative role... I still can't say. I'm yet to finish watching this series myself. However, I still think he is a true villain, by the way he thinks and by the way he acts.

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Dylan said...

What do you mean you havn't finished!! FINISH IT!!