Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yet another Tag

I've been again tagged... this time by ChocolateLover. Here goes another tag... :)

*My favourites*
Food: Anything Non-Veg, I don't mind Spicy food, but am more inclined to simple and bland taste.
Colour: Green and Orange
Sports: -__- errm... lets see... I did play basket ball in middle school and some cricket at a park nearby when I was in highschool.
Dessert: :D Cakes, Souffles, ice creams, Malpuas, Burfis, jelly, shakes, and what not :D :D :D I love sweets xD
Artist/Singer/Brand: I'll actually write a 100 page essay on this one day.
Pair of shoes: Anything that's comfortable
Outfit: T-Shirt/half shirt and shorts. For outside wear, I usually wear Cargo and T-Shirt/Shirts. I sometimes wear jeans too.
Accessory: Just a silver necklace with an american diamond that my mom forces me to wear as a protection charm. Sometimes my wrist watch.
Fav place: A quiet place, normally a roof or a coffee shop.
Hobbies: Playing and learning music, drawing, sketching, writing, and sometimes going over random topics in an encyclopedia.
Beauty product: Just one soap and a deodorant... and a hair shampoo... if all these count... :-/
Snacks: Hmm... I prefer something like Chaat.
Movies: Comedy, Action, Thriller.


I am tagging:
Was I suppose to tag as well?? If you find this interesting then please help yourself to this tag and play along. :)

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☆ ayu☆ said... you are tagged by CL as well haha..

i love sweets too! ^^