Friday, June 3, 2011

The Painter and The Photographer

Here is a render of what might look like sunrise on mars. Even though I added this as my status on Facebook 2 months ago, but what I didn't put on Facebook (mostly because of the public that would fail to comprehend) was a story behind this picture. Well, all my graphic or musical creations have a story with them.

A sunrise on "The God of War"

It was pretty silent. The darkness outside wasn't uplifting him either. However, he waited because he needed to burn the image of sunrise into his head. Unlike his partner who would do the same on his Camera. It annoyed him. He looked by his side. All his painting kit was intact.

About 1 hour later, the color of the sky started changing. His brother kicked him, "Get Ready!" and then prepared his Camera. He too jumped up from his seat and started rubbing his eyes hoping to clear of the slumber he was in a few seconds ago. As the colors brightened outside, the painter had already drawn the outlines of his scene. The Photographer was further ahead making strange poses. The painter wondered to himself... 'these Camera guys lack imagination.' The clouds started covering the horizon, much to the painter's annoyance and to the Camera man's delight.

But what was amazing was when they looked at each others results in the afternoon. The Painter thought the pictures turned out better than his painting. And the Camera man thought that his painting had more depth than his pictures. Being egoistic pigs that they were, neither accepted this fact openly but kept their secret admiration to the other's work within themselves.

P.S - Ah... well... or so was the story. I imagined myself as the painter though :P And I've put the so called "Painting" up now...


Abhinav said...

well let me be upfront on this and tell you .... imho your art is very good and creative :)

☆ ayu☆ said...

youve been tagged!:D