Monday, June 6, 2011


I so wanted to brag about my Drawing Pad and the stuff I draw with it... but it seems I've been tagged by Ayu... so for now, I'll play along with this one.


  • Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves
  • You have to choose and tag ten people
  • Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them
  • No tags back
  • Have fun

Ten Things About Me

1. I don't spend too much time grooming myself. Thus I always have a sloppy looking face.
2. I like sweets. Lots of them. Can't live without them.
3. That said, I also like to eat... good food. I go to restaurants, dhabas, stalls, malls, etc from time to time just to satisfy my taste buds with some new taste each time.
4. I'm mostly a cool minded guy, I don't get angry too easily. However 5 to 6 years ago, I was short tempered... very short tempered.
5. I'm brutally honest. This is to my disadvantage mostly.
6. I like to jot down my dreams in my diary from time to time
7. I'm addicted to anime. Much better than people addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and what not...
8. Absentminded.
9. I do suffer from periodic hits of inferiority complex... but that's just me. Thanks to the students living next to my flat, I get over with it soon enough. :)
10. My mind is more Creative than Analytical... and I have a bad Memory. :/

Ten People I Wanna Tag

Now, I don't have 10 people to tag... I don't follow that many blogs (partially due to my laziness and partially due to the amount of time)

I'll still tag as many as I can... Alphabetically :)

1)  @$|-| (Ash... or however he writes it)
2) Arjit
3) Azeron
4) Chocolate Lover
5) Kyo
6) Samadrita (Also tagged by Ayu)
7) Tharangi (Also tagged by Ayu)

P.S - Hmm... I guess the habit of adding a P.S at the end of each blog post has now become a dangerous habit...

1 comment:

Chocolate Lover said...

awwwwwwwww yeahhhh :D
good to know about you <3 ^_^
thanks for the tag :D
and good to see you back on blogland :3