Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Slow Connection

I'm pretty happy with my Dial up connection. It's better than any broadband connection out there. Ask me why and I have an answer ready for you.

Firstly, with a slow internet connections, people like me can type the internet address in the address bar, press enter, go up to the fridge and get a can of Amul Cool Cafe; relax and drink half of it and quit worrying about what is about to come... be it any page (except Google, which is fast on even a 24 Kbps dial up connection :O )

Secondly, you don't have half the neighborhood coming up to your feet and pleading you to use your internet. If by chance someone does come in, tell them the net is too slow and costs you like a rupee a minute and they will get their work done faster elsewhere. If they still don't pay any heed to your worlds, then simply let them use your net. They will suffer and in future act as anti-advertisers for your private slow connection.

Thirdly, and finally while reply windows take time to open up, you can always get up, go out and have a breath of fresh air. This breath of fresh air helps the mind to think effectively as what you should reply considering all the previous chats/posts. This small amount of time matters a lot in the internet world. The better you write, the more popular you are... (:

So that concludes my answer and commences the argument with other people reading this. I dare say, I'm more happy than the guy having a broadband connection. Just like a poor man is more satisfied and happy with his life than a rich man :P (But I'm not giving off my shirt (: )

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Abhinav said...

so what about the broadband connection .... you were to get ?????