Monday, June 9, 2008

Amazing Instrumentals :O

Here are two musical Performances (Both found on You Tube :D ), that have left my jaw on the floor. And I can't seem to get it back up, whenever I see them again.

First is this one performance by some guy (I don't really know who he is... but if he's reading this, I request him to send me a mail or something... ^_^ ). I've also posted the original song so that guys can know how well this guy has played the piano, playing even the slightest of the cello bass and other change and breaks in tunes

The Original Song
>Shiro - Long Tails
>>Yoko Kanno

The Piano Video

Second is this Amazing Guitar Duet by some two guys who play the Contra Jungle Theme. It's a must watch for everyone.

Contra Theme - Doubled

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