Thursday, October 9, 2008

My times with my synth ~

I have been amazed many times in my life. I've been irritated many times in my life. But nothing has ever amazed me more than the music that comes out from a piano... and at the same time nothing as irritated me as much either.

When I got into the 2nd sem of my 11th class, my brother got himself a Guitar. He was in college that time and nothing is more popular than a Guitar among college boys (Yes, I know girls are there too... but we are for once talking pure and simple music :P ). My Dad finally decided to buy me a Keyboard for me that time, naturally after I had raised enough tantrums (enough to make me a Britney Spears Clone... -__-). I got a CASIO CTK-481 back then, which I still play now. It's not the best Keyboard out there (It's probably the worst -__- )... it's just a basic model with 61 keys, 100 tunes and 100 demo songs with an added feature of 100 accompaniment rhythms. At that time, I was totally clueless as to what music really was. At that time I was just amazed and dazed in my own world where I could play any music.

Two days later, I snap back to reality like a really tight elastic rubber hitting my face after being pulled out tightly (And that hurts...). I didn't even know where to start. Now, I was thoroughly irritated by this one Keyboard. I was never as irritated in my life as I was back then. I didn't have time to join any Keyboard classes either... so, it was just me alone.

2 Years later, I realize that I still don't know anything about music and playing the Piano. I realize that all the time, it was me who demanded a piano back then, and now I wasn't playing it, left me with a bad feeling. I was irritated again. So I finally sat down on the Internet and started digging out tutorials and related stuff about piano. I put some effort, repeat, only some effort into learning how to play. While reading the tutorials, I was once again amazed at the simplicity of things in music. Then I had some help from my brother as well. Add to that some of the "Demo songs" in my synth taught me how to play some songs.

4 years Later and in the present time, I'm once again amazed. From the frustration that ate me 2 years ago, to sheer happiness I feel while playing some of my favourite tunes on the synth... It was a slow journey. But when I think about it, it was just as amazing too. I still sometimes think how happy I was when I was finally able to play "Canon in D" by Paschelbel with both my hands. That time I was happy and amazed... over myself. (I know how to play good piano without ever taking any classes or coaching from anyone in real life ^__^ )

Today I'm still not that good at piano cause I don't practice everyday. I just touch my synth one or two times a week to play some songs that I want to play, and that's what I've been doing for the past two years too. For now, things seem to go fine with me and my synth.

Here in I post a pic of what my synth is really like :

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