Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When life seems to run out of options,
Remember me my friend.
For it was me who as always beside you,
Waiting, for you to reach the end.

When times seem to run ahead of you,
Come back to me my friend.
For you don't have to race it,
I'm a gift that God has send.

When things don't go your way,
Let me lead you down a different path.
For, you are my only existence,
And I am your conscience.


Something I wrote down in the office. I'm now feeling what it feels like to have nothing to do. :-/
I have problems with net connectivity at home (I don't even have a fixed home right now... -__- ), but I pray that I get out of these predicatements as soon as possible.

The laptop company gave me won't let me install any browser except IE8, so surfing properly is also an issue here... :( The laptop  is nice otherwise :)


@$|-| said...

bwhahahahaha !!! IE8, that sucks. I would like to know what makes the laptop nice otherwise ??

☆ ayu☆ said...

yay..its nice to know ive read a poem from you..(its been a long time since you made one..haha..i just realized i havent been into writing poetry this days as well..hahaha..XD)