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This story is a continuation of the following two Parts.
The Car Trap - Part I
The Car Trap - Part II

And thus began her surprisingly short story about my fantastic ordeal. "You were abducted by some Extremist. They wanted to create a completely new dimension where they could try creating a new world. So, the extremist decided to abduct you. They took you to some suburb farmhouse and put you in a beaker with some strange life sustaining chemical... umm... didn't smell like formaldehyde, but maybe Cipher knows more about it... well... whatever and then used you to create a new dimensions."

The story was too fantastic to understand or even believe. "Why would they pick me??"
"Exactly. Why You? It turns out our last ordeal with the vampires has made you famous. You're someone who is isolated from this dimension. Even though you're in this dimension, you're not a part of it. If they pump you with enough amount of high energy, your dimension... or maybe you'll explode to tear apart this dimension's fabric and form a new kind of dimension, and eventually try and take control over it. That's exactly what the extremist were trying to do to you."

"OK. What the heck is Extremist? And why do they want to make this new dimension and stuff?"
"Now, that's difficult to answer. You'll eventually understand the true nature of Extremist, but for now, just know that they are people who think that this dimension should be mearged with our dimension. Or to put it in your language, unify the Heavens, the earth and even Hell into one single realm, where all can coexist together peacefully. Creating a new dimension, and combining parts of elements from all three realms in that new dimension was a mere way of proving their theory correct."

"Sounds like some fanatic making a Utopian world."

"Yes. And that's why, you've become their target. Thus, it turns out you've been assigned a bodyguard."
I had a bad feeling about this. "Who is my body guard?"
"That's me." she said and took out a small packet of chips from her jacket and started eating it. The heavens had cursed me in order to keep themselves in business. I closed my eyes and tried to understand what was this dimension business. Her sister, Ai, had already told me about my anomaly, which was the main reason why I could sense all these supernatural occurances. Then something struck me.

"Wait. If I was put in this beaker with chemicals... then I must have been unconsious. Right?"
"Yes. You were. It took us queit some time to break through their technology and pull out all the wires and pins from you body."

"Then all this time... when I saw the middle class man go rich and the tower and stuff... all that unrealism was... a dream?"
"Yes. Must have been. Because there wasn't any effect in the real world."
"Then all the blonde women I saw were all non existant people??"
"No. Cipher and her two familiars still exist. I think you must have sub consiously started taking all this information in your dream that you saw. You know, how dreams can change according to the sounds and noises around you. You must have thought cars, because the machine that they used to pump energy into your conciousness was humming constantly. When we came, you must have caught some of our conversation."
"I see. It must have been like that."

I was lost in thoughts again. I had more questions. "Hey! Wait. If I'm having this dimensional anomaly... or I'm a different dimension, why the heck am I sensing strange stuff like these happening now? Why didn't they happen when I was a kid."

Enma looked at me with serious eyes, and then looked away uncomfortably. "It's a lot of politics. It's better that you don't know any of it.  Anyways, that won't explain the reason why you have this anomaly... understanding the politics will only give a speculation to your anomaly and not explain it."

I closed my eyes... and then covered my face with my palms. "Enma. Just tell me what is going on?? I've had enough of this business."
Enma looked at me again. "You are not just an anomaly. You may be the key to something... I don't know what, and may never know. Just know this - there are more than two groups with varing motives that are after you. You must be kept alive and away from them."

Starting today I'm an Athiest. Because I know that my Gods can't do anything about the situation I'm in.

Author's Note

And thus, from here on, this would connect to a larger and more complete story, where Enma, and this guy are mere supporting characters. For those who might understand this example, what I've written here would by my "xxxHolic" to a "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles." I wonder... How did I manage to end this story like this... -__-;

Anyways... this isn't the best I could write... I'll rant about my problems later... (or maybe never... I don't rant...)


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yes, i think it will be longer but im excited to see what will happen to them the cars were just part of a dream..well, that's true..your dreams are affected by noises around you..:)

and i guess based on his dream, he's really an imaginative one..dont you think..? i guess fantasy-related dreams reflect a person's wildest interest

anyway, i like the Extremist's goal of " unifying the Heavens, the earth and even Hell into one single realm"

that is really really cool!

P.S. i havent finished the 2 CLAMP animes you mentioned..but i actually started watching them ages planning to DL them so ill understand how it affects rather..inspires your writing.

but i can say your protagonist reminds me touma of to aru majutsu no index..because the usual sequence of the story is like yours.. everything will be explained at the end of each there will be an 'aahhh' factor..:) but anyway, i love your writing and so thus that anime i just mentioned ^^

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☆ ayu☆ said...

yay! im glad you visited me :)'s teh first time i heard that line and that's from junjou romantica so i felt like i need to credit it..just to make sure i dont be accused of plagiarism :P

missed you so much! when will you post again? :<