Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally, The Chosen One is Here...

Finally, The Chosen One the project that we worked on for so many days in studio has been copyrighted by "Finger Nozzle", our band of four/five people (...and to let you know, I never gave this name -_-; ). Now that it's under copyright, I can freely post it on the net. :)

Ah! Love the freedom...

Here is the song (also on Facebook and I embed from As I said before to other people, negative criticism is accepted, and if you're leaving comments about this, please speak your mind. That way, I'd know what we were missing here (and we are missing a lot I feel...). My only contribution to this project were the keyboards and some arranging... well... ok, just 5 seconds of it. -__-;


He was born,
The day sun brightly shone.
He was welcomed as the king of kings,
When an angle held him; in her wings.

He was born,
Born as the Chosen One.
Destined to be in Pain,
Ordained to the suffering.

Finding the key to mortality,
Desperation seeking the truth.
He's foiled by loved,
Thwarted by belongingness.

He was born,
Born as the Chosen One.
Destined to be in Pain,
Ordained to the suffering.

He got something left undone,
Left deep within in his heart,
Got to ask before he's doomed,

P.S ::> I just noticed. This becomes my 50th post. I wonder when will I get to a 100 :P


♠ Tharangni ♠ said...

wowowow!!! niceee!!! reallllyyy nicee! :)
I loveddd it soooo much! make more songs for ur band! :)
[and how many vocals are there? 1 or 2?]

Abhinav said...

cool! well i was supposed to post a comment earlier but i kept forgetting... for the song... cool effort but if you ask me i was expecting rock and what i got was pop...

come on guys... you can really rock it up... and dude no offence... but get that girl to sing the song plz :)