Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Last Party

They were sitting around the table. While some had half filled glasses of whiskey in their hands, yet others had some cigarettes burning away, both tobacco and lives. The topic of conversation was mostly random. It varied from the latest TV soaps to sports to games to computers to software and so on. In other words, it was all looking like a normal bachelors party. It seemed that the converstations would never finish, but that wasn't the case. Being men, they weren't accustomed to chatting away without reason or logic. So there came a time when the conversation ended and the men kept quiet sipping away the glasses or the smoke.

Now, at this point of time, people would look at each other and wait for someone to say, "I'm going back home." and then take the oppurtunity to tag along home with them. This was the best way to avoid being the bad guy who wants to finish the party. But the silence continued. I would have continued, but it was sadly killed by the ringing of a mobile phone. Everyone looked at the owner of the mobile phone. The spectacled man calmly took out his phone,and then recieved it.

"Hello... Oh! How are you... <silence> ...well... <silence> ...ok ok... <silence> ...I understand, it's not really an issue... &lt;silence&gt; ...but I'm telling you...'s not an issue, is your head full of hay or something... &lt;silence&gt; ...ok I'm sorry... &lt;short silence&gt; ...listen... I'll call you back soon. Lemme get out of a situation first."and he dropped the call to look at his mates staring at him throughout the 10 minutes of the converstation.

"When did you get a girl?"
"I didn't get a girl... not yet... it was... an old friend of mine. H..he was... has been requesting me to meet him for the past 2 weeks."
"Like hell I'll believe ya."
"Well, you don't have to, not your concern anyway."
"No, but the girl is... who is she, or rather how is she?"
"Ugh... you all are so persistant... well... I'll have to leave now."
"OOOOOoooo... the bastard is diching us for some woman we don't even know is worth being our sister in law."
"God Dammit, how many times do I have to say it to get the idea through that thick skulls of yours."
"You think we've got thick skulls eh? Well, lemme tell ya, you've got the thicker skull amongst us, and let me prove it to you."

The big bloke took an empty bottle and smashed it on his head. It wasn't a fatal blow, but deep nonetheless. It did cause the specs guy to collapse. Blood spilled as everyone once again looked at each other and then the unconsious body amidst the deeper silence. But the depth of the silence was pulled out by the same ringing of the mobile phone.One of the guys picked up the phone and looked at it's display. It was an unknown number. He was alread steered by the 8 glasses of neat alcohol he had. He picked up the phone and heard a rather sweet voice.

"Hello? Hello? Ani?"
"Err... no. We his... I mean... We're his friends here. He rushed away forgetting to take his cellphone with him."
"Good. He must rush now. The deadline is down by another half an hour. If you can contact him then do tell him this, otherwise his promotion won't escalate."
"Err... Pardon. He is getting promoted?"
"Yes. That's all the message I had. Goodnight."
"Ah! Wait... lemme ask..."
"&lt;beep&gt; &lt;beep&gt; &lt;beep&gt; &lt;beep&gt;"

He removed the handset from his ears and looked towards his mates. His mates could only follow his side of the conversation. So they all questioningly looked at him.
"Tell me. Was he doing any job or was he employed somewhere?"
"Not that I know of anything."
And then they all turned their heads towards the unconcious specs guy... only this time, the specs guy wasn't there. He was gone. Only the small pool of blood that oozed out from his head remained.
"Where did he go?"
Before anyone could answer that question, there was a huge bang that seemed to come from a distance. The big guy fell on the ground flat. He had a hole on his forehead.
But another bang cut his shout midway. He too fell down. The others had scattered away in different directions by then. Each was running away for the sake of his or her own life.

The inspector put down the morning newspaper. The headlines gave a news that a huge bombing plan was thwarted by the intelligence agency at midnight. A buzzer rang. A lean looking man came in.
"Things went well yesterday didn't it?"
"Yes. But the ending... was it good to do what you did?"
"No. It was actually a bad bad thing. But I decided so because he was involved in that for the past 3 years. There was no guarantee that he would continue to remain on our side."
"He didn't look like the kind of guy who'd jump boats. He kept all the flow of information from time to time, and always alerted us of major incidents."
"Maybe you didn't know this, but he recieved a call from some woman last night, about 15 minutes before the incident."
"Some woman? Who?"
The inspector smiled. "That's a twist indeed. He got a call form Officer Jenny."
"Officer Jenny?" and the lean man thought for some time. "Wasn't she on trial for leaking information to the terrorists?"
"And guess which terrorist guy she was leaking all that to?" and then the inspector laughed out loudly.
The lean man gaped at the inspector. "Don't tell me that..."
"I won't... it was unpleasant for me to. That bastard gave us the wrong coordinates... but somehow, his phone requested a GPS coordinate in middle of the call, and we intercepted it in time. He told me he was under the bridge, but you know where we encountered them right?"
"The Security station near the Parliament House..."
"All of them were there to dress up as security today."
The lean man shook his head in disbelief... that was all that he could do.

Author's Note

Another creation out off the office desk :D
Well, it's arbid and very very incomplete. But I've never really managed to write complete sounding short stories. :-/


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